Nexus Player

Apps, games, and more for your TV

So essentially a Google game console/Android TV. Interesting. I wonder if this means more graphics intensive games like GTA V or Destiny will show up in Google Play when more powerful Android TV devices arrive. The video game console space may be very crowded in the near future.
I'm a long time Roku and Chromecast user. I wonder if this will be able to replace both in one swoop.
This is probably Google's best designed hardware product. It's simple, perfect circle, and the remote is ultra minimalistic with a dent in the back for a perfect grip. It'll probably win a top design prize. That Apple DNA from the Nest acquisition is really kicking in!
Why doesn't it have an ethernet port? I mean it's great to see that finally more and more people are jumping on the MIMO wireless train to allow direct inter device communication, but the more devices we have the more crowded are our wifi networks at home. Especially with stationary devices like the TV at home providing a cable doesn't hurt and only brings advantages.