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Crowdsourced news to change the world.

Newsvoice crowdsources the latest news stories. You will always see different sources and perspectives from independent, international, and mainstream media. Having an open, unbiased, fact-based news platform has never been more important.
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Hi product hunters, I am Viktor and I started this project about 3 years ago. My life in Silicon Valley, where I was a senior software engineer for Google, showed me first hand that the way we create and consume news needs to change. Someone smart once said, “be the change you want to see”, so here I am, three years later, asking for your feedback. At Newsvoice, we combine technology with our growing community to create an unbiased personal news feed, always showing multiple sources and perspectives. I used to be part of the team that created the Flutter framework, so that was a natural choice for building Newsvoice. It makes for a super smooth user experience and fast loading times. Here is an outline of what the platform has evolved into: - We aggregate news reports from major outlets, as well as international and independent media. Anyone in the community can contribute unbiased summaries. - Every source is tagged with its political leaning, so you can easily spot biases in the news reporting. - Anyone can write summaries, but they are always reviewed by professional journalists and moderators before being published in the app. - Our news ranking system is similar to the one used by Reddit. It will arrange your news based on a combination of your interests, how new the stories are and the number of upvotes. - One of our newest features is Newsvoice Play. It’s your very own personal news radio, and makes it possible for you to listen to your news mix anywhere anytime. As a small thanks for checking out Newsvoice, we are currently handing out a free month of premium backer access, exclusively to the Product Hunt community. It includes unlimited access to Newsvoice Play, and a special backer badge. Activate it here: Let’s fix the news. Together.
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Looks promising! Will check it out.
@sekhar_chandra Thanks Sekhar! Let us now if you have any tips to make it better:)
The future of news, for sure!
@alessandro_icardi Thank you! Let's make it happen:)
I must admit I suck at keeping myself updated, there's just too much to go through. Newsvoice is a great way to stay informed about what's going on in the world in general but also based on my interests with the added bonus/value of being able to immediately understand what angle is being taken by the media/journalists thanks to to the political leanings tags. That s my favorite feature, being able to read the same news from different perspectives.
@morgane_oleron Thank you for the kind words and support. We'll strive to keep you well informed and keep improving as we go!
Great app. In a media market becoming increasingly polarized by political bias it’s good to be able to find balanced, neutral news sources that report facts without injecting their biased political stance & Newsvoice is perfect for that.
@hellbillybob Thank you for the kind words, Matt. If you have any pointers for us to make it even better - please do shoot:)