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#5 Product of the DayJune 22, 2016



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Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
Hey Product Hunters! Today we’re launching a new side product – Newsletters – and we’re excited to be on Product Hunt again. Last December, we initially launched Refind on Product Hunt and it has developed very nicely – not least thanks to lots of feedback we’ve received from this awesome community. We hope to get your feedback on Refind Newsletters too. Refind is invite-only but Product Hunters get in directly. WHAT IS IT? It’s the easiest way to email a digest of your favorite links to your fans. Save great links as you discover them. We take care of the rest, making sure your daily or weekly email digest looks great and reaches your subscribers. WHO IS IT FOR? Influencers like you who discover the best links before everyone else. HOW DOES IT WORK? Save great links as you discover them with one click using our browser extension or the iOS/Android app. Or import your Twitter Likes or Pocket Favorites automatically. We’ll take care of the rest: We send a beautiful email digest to your subscribers – every morning or every Sunday, depending on subscribers’ preference. WHO CAN SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR NEWSLETTER? Anyone with an email address – no Refind account required. AND WHAT IS REFIND? Refind is much more than a newsletter. It’s the home for the best links on the web. Save and discover what matters most to you. And then find everything again when you really need it. See our Product Hunt post from last December:, or have a look at our homepage: We really hope you like it and we’d love to get your feedback! We’ll be around here and you can also reach us on Twitter ( / or by email ( Thanks a lot! Dominik (Founder)
Marcos Ortiz@marcosluis2186 · Co-founder at Capital Latino, LLC
@dominikg @refind wow, the Design work is incredible. Congratulations
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
@marcosluis2186 @refind Thanks a lot!
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
I get some Tweets that the invite link doesn't work. If you click on the "Get it" button you'll end up on (note the "?ref=producthunt" param). Using that link you should get in without problems. Please let me know if that doesn't work and I'll send you another invite link.
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
Just in case, I also invited all people who signed up for the waitlist today.
Trell West@trellwest · Creative
@dominikg I have an invite already on the service but am wanting to use my businesses twitter, anyway to get an invite? Thanks!
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@dominikg and crew have been doing excellent work on Refind recently — and the newsletter feature is onl the latest addition to the arsenal of great features that Refind offers. Although this feature is straightforward, it works well and takes out all the overhead from helping Refind link hunters get greater distribution to their audience. Email, it turns out, is far from dead — and although the choices for sending newsletters has grown in the last year — Refind provides a lot of personal utility on the link saving and retrieval front that can is now married with set-and-forget publishing ease. If you're interesting in the links I'm saving, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.
Marc Zenger@zengerm
Same here. Using refind daily. In my opinion the greatest tool to find what interesting people think might be worth reading. As far as I've experienced Dominik's ideas, I'm looking forward to find out what additional value the newsletter feauture offers.
timo dechau@timdechau · Product Designer
@dominikg Thanks for this new feature. This will save me bunch of steps I have right now for my newsletter. Is there a way that I can select the links for the weekly digest? Some of my saved refines make no sense for my newsletter audience.
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
@timdechau That's great to hear! It will take up to the top 10 links you saved in that period (daily or weekly, depending on your subscriber's preference), i.e., you can't select but if a link is "weak" it probably won't make the cut anyways... Hope that works for you?
timo dechau@timdechau · Product Designer
@dominikg I will give it a try. For most cases this should work. Maybe in the future you can define tags for your newsletter. Based on that you can have multiple newsletters :)
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
@timdechau Good idea to use tags!
Paul Sturrock@psturrock · Slingshot Venture Development
@dominikg @timdechau Love the look and ideas of newsletters, but can only see using them if I can choose which specific links to publish. Tags would be a help. But would still like to select as the reasons I might save something are different than the reasons I might want to endorse and share something.
Dominik GrolimundMaker@dominikg · Founder Refind
@psturrock @timdechau Theoretically, I can see the need to select links for the digest specifically. In practice, however, I believe it's rarely the case that you'd want to remove a link from the digest as it is sorted and includes only up to the top 10 links you saved in that period. Also, note that all links you save to Refind are public anyway...
Mathias Böhm@mathias_bohm
Great product and update- for certain stuff i look first on refind and only afterwards on google- love it!