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Got excited for a second as I thought they would fix their navigation but no - it's even worse and almost unusable. I appreciate the time and effort the VSCO team put in this; however, I am frustrated with the product itself and concerned for its users. In general hidden navigation is a great barrier to entry which most of the users are not willing to get over unless they are highly motivated (e.g. Snapchat, but even then they fixed it to a degree in the latest update). This can lead to a really frustrating experience (where am I, how do I get where I want) and may decrease use of the hidden features/areas of the app. Most of the people prefer intuitive and obvious interface. @joeldflory I would love to hear what was the problem you were solving with the new version. What was the main idea behind this and how did the process surrounding it look like? How vast was the user testing the product design team did? Did the testers voice their frustration if there was any? I used to use VSCO a lot due to the amazing filters. Bought most of the filters but stopped using it around the time the Android version was released as it felt like the iOS App was not being improved at all. I really tried to use the new version but after trying to figure it out and feeling like an idiot (rather an anxious one), I had to say goodbye and remove it from my homescreen as for me it's not really pleasant to use.
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@philipamour @joeldflory Same thing here. VSCO has always given be the best results in the sense that I don't have to tinker much. But even when I do, the tools are there. The problem is getting to them. After more than a year using it, I never get certain functions right. And especially with this new update, which makes things even more inconsistent.
I can't believe how much VSCO now behaves like Snapchat. Spatial awareness is the new navigation paradigm.
They're even doing facial filters!
I also really like their filters but the new UX for me is also far than perfect. And I hate it that there is still no option to save and chanche and image on the camera roll so you don't have a duplicate. Try out "Priime" also superb filters and you don't have to import and export pics!
Nice update although I'm curious how DSCO's doing and if the VSCO team is planning to expand to new apps (similar to what Instagram's done with Boomerang, Layout, and Hyperlapse).
The new icons for editing photos are tripping me up 😁
@garytokman and why no more checkmarks???