New Movies Coming Out is an easy and uncluttered way to find out what movies are coming out.

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Last year I wrote a website for myself ( to track movies that were coming out. I was tired of the junk on most movie sites that made it really difficult to track what movies were being released. A few other people expressed an interest in using the website, so I decided to open it up to everyone. Since I have an interest in automation ( I wanted to see if I could fully automate the operation of the website. I think I've managed to do this. The content is collected via API, website changes are shared to social media, and emails are delivered weekly to newsletter subscribers all automatically. I wrote more about how I did this here:
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Great launch @mubashariqbal! Even though I'm not a big movie-goer in theaters, I always find myself missing when things are released thereafter. I could certainly see using something like this to keep an eye on movies that pique my interest and make a notation to see. I actually used to used something like this (I think it was called SideReel) to keep track of new TV episodes in college. These trackers are way underrated -- in an age where we're inundated with media to consume, sometimes a simple, useful tool like this beats out all the other more complicated user experiences. Awesome job!
@adammarx13 Thanks Adam. Feel the same way, and keeping things simple and uncluttered is very important for me.
@mubashariqbal Absolutely man. Also, we should get on another call sometime soon. I'll ping you!
Nice idea! Any plans to make it available for countries other than the US?
@shylands Thanks Steven. If there is any interest the plan is to deploy different instances of the website with a different TLD that would focus on other locations. To meet the mission of simplicity and easy of use, I wanted to avoid cluttering the site with different countries, etc.
I would recommend having a same page trailer button, so that I don't have to keep going back and forth to watch trailers for the movies listed. Otherwise, I like the simplicity of it.
Is it Cinema Agenda?
@denesgrof Never heard of that before, but no it's all new custom developed with an eye to automation.
Excellent write up about how you made it. Great stuff, Mubashar. :)
@rafyasarmatta Thank, glad you liked it! ๐Ÿ‘Š