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Welcome to the new Bitly Chrome Extension! We updated the design to be in line with the #NewBitly branding. We also removed outdated features, like notes & the ability to choose privacy -- we simply default to anonymous now. Of course, we kept the ability to one-click shorten and will continue to focus around that use case. We took out metrics within the extension itself because it would likely cause more friction when the main use case is to shorten and go back to browsing around the internet. You still get access to those good old Bitly click metrics right in your dashboard at bit.ly. Go ahead, login and see if that teammate in Berlin took a look at your product planning draft. If you aren’t already an avid Bitly user, the Chrome Extension might be your gateway to becoming one. I use it daily as a productivity tool for quickly sharing and tracking google docs. For instance: https://docs.google.com/a/bit.ly... becomes customized and trackable in a moment: http://bit.ly/ProjectPufferfish I can search for customized links that I’ve shared with my team much quicker in Slack, which saves a lot of time when context switching between documents for different projects. Hope you enjoy! Y
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I Love it! The team did an amazing job refreshing the Chrome Extension. Its intuitive and much easier to use. The focus is on staying in your workflow and being more productive. Huge thumbs up!
Love the new streamlined design that matches the new Bitly platform, especially the fact that it doesn't block the center of page content. Huge props to the team for a quick turn-around with one of our stickiest integrations! Nice work!
Loved the old bitly extension, but the redesign is great. Anything new from a technical perspective?
@tadler We’ve completely changed the frontend to make the extension faster and more stable. For example, the older version was backbone.js, this one is react.js. We also changed the extension from background pages to event pages, which are loaded only when they are needed. The performance advantages are significant.
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Simple, elegant, and saves me a lot of time. Thank you!!!