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The team at Bitly has been hard at work over the past year rolling out an entirely new Bitly experience. We've maintained the core of what you expect from us: easy link shortening and real-time tracking, but packaged it up in an updated, easier-to-digest interface. We've centered the new experience around a dashboard that keeps your latest stats always top-of-mind. We've also made performance enhancements so your list of Bitlinks loads very quickly – no more lost time trying to find what you're looking for. Our new visual design is also a reflection of our newly refreshed and more contemporary visual identity. We aimed to make the UI clean, flat, and legible, yet enticing and delightful to use. New Bitly is also fully responsive now. You'll be able to create Bitlinks and check back in on them from any device, anywhere. Let us know what you think.
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Nice write-up Jen! From a product perspective, there are a few reasons why I’m really proud of the re-design and the Bitly team behind it. We removed the cruft Over the last ~7 years Bitly has experimented with a lot of different features to provide for our users. All of these features made it an increasingly complex product, diluting our core value and creating complexities that made it impossible to iterate quickly. The team at Bitly looked at the usage data and made the hard decision to sunset features that some people found invaluable, but the far majority did not. Focus on workflow and analytics Like Jen mentioned, the redesign is a more streamlined platform that makes it incredibly easy for users to create, share, and view data on their most important links. We did this by integrating analytics with link management using an interactive 30-day summary graph. (Spoiler alert - look out for the ability to choose a custom date range within the 30 day summary to better align with users’ sharing schedules.) Building block for what’s to come The New Bitly platform sets the stage for revamped satellite experiences like Android & iOS apps and browser extensions that will streamline users workflows. It’s also more flexible and scalable as we begin extending the platform to the changing digital landscape and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. We are excited to hear what users think of it and how we can continue improving!
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@dtouch @jcullem Looks great Dan and Jennifer, congrats. Keen for a super easy user experience. Any love for those of us that need a touch more than 500 branded bitlinks but can't justify forking out $495/ month?
@antbs thanks and great to hear you're enjoying the new platform! We've put a lot of research into our price tiering and are confident you'll be satisfied with all of the advanced branding and analytics available with our Enterprise offering. Totally get its not a fit for everyone, which is why we offer additional Bitlinks on the domain.
Awesome news! Are these features coming to the android and iOS applications soon?
@gabriel__lewis Android coming soon. Rebuilding iOS later this year.
@daddymention Thank you! I use Bitly on iOS often :)
I'm excited ! Hope there's gonna be an update for the iOS app as well with these new features
@lkkwus we just launched Android this week ( and we're now shifting to rebuilding iOS
Sweet - I'm a user but have always really liked, I suppose it is more of a habit than a preference. Definitely going to check this out!
@patrickcoombe thanks! if you're on Android we also just launched a mobile app so you can create, edit, and share your links/branded links on the go
@patrickcoombe @yas_pas Any way we could use the domain again instead...? It works most of the time, although its not in the settings, and I have to keep manually copy/pasting it. O:-)