NetHunt CRM

Turn Gmail into a smart CRM

NetHunt CRM is service to turn your Gmail inbox into a full-featured CRM system.

It helps you organize your business processes into the easy-to-manage and analyze Records available from Gmail. This allows you to manage and supervise sales, clients, project, support cases and other business activities within the familiar Google Apps ecosystem.

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Hello, Hunters! Everyone hates CRM systems. Sometimes even more than the emails. But it's hard to do business without both. This is where NetHunt CRM can help you. NetHunt CRM is a smart CRM system for people who live and work inside Gmail. It lets you turn emails into business records and to immediately refresh in memory the context of your conversations. You can manage customer data with a slick drag-and-drop UI inside Gmail, follow-up on conversations, customize everything to fit your business, segment clients and leads to performing email campaigns, and a lot more. The best part is that everything happens right where your communication takes place. Both desktop and mobile. It's fast, reliable, and, unlike most CRM systems, pretty affordable. We're hoping that NetHunt CRM will make your business management easier, save some money, and will help you stop hating CRM :) Andrei and I will be happy to answer you questions.
Looks great! What's your differentiator to, say, Streak?
@zhernovoi Thank you, Vadym! There's a number of differences, actually. 1) Integration with Google Apps. Most CRM systems have a partial integration with Gmail, while the full scope of CRM features is available only from the core app. NetHunt CRM fully resides in Gmail for you to access all data from the inbox. What's more, we'll be further expanding the integration to other Google Apps, like Calendar, Drive, and Docs, so you could easily add events or files to or from the CRM. 2) Stability and speed. Some of our users have previously used Streak. They say that NetHunt responds faster than Streak, especially when it comes to big scopes of data. 3) Price. NetHunt was developed as a CRM that would be affordable for small startups and larger companies. We also have a different subscription model, similar to Atlassian products. For example, our Small Business plan is $25 per 5 users/month with every feature unlocked, so no upgrades needed. Full functionality in Streak will cost you $39 per user/month. In a 5 person team, that's $25 vs $195. 4) Flexibility. Not everything has to be a pipeline, so you can adjust NetHunt to your tastes and workflow. There are very little hard-coded elements (and will be even less), so you can create any record structure that will fit your workflow. We'll be happy to hear your feedback, Vadym! Let us know what you like or where we can improve. Cheers, Victor
@iryniuk great comparison between NetHunt and Streak. Cant wait to try.
@hosseinpn Thank you. Will be happy to hear your thought on the project!
@iryniuk re: price, will any option be available for individuals who use CRM on a small scale like me? :)
@andym_dc We are always open to discuss options ;) Please feel free to contact me at and we'll figure that out.
Looks interesting - great UI and mobile experience it seems like - BUT as a current Streak user and business owner, I have a few concerns: 1. What sort of backing do you have? i.e. if someone ends up switching, what sort of guarantee would there be that NetHunt will be around for an extended period of time? 2. A lot of the features listed simply say "coming soon"...what sort of timelines are you talking about? And what else do you have on your product roadmap that will differentiate you from Streak and others? Because we use all of those features with Streak today and it would be nice to have an idea of when we can think about migrating, if at all.
@robinsinghvi Hi, Robin! Thank you for your questions. 1) I understand your concerns about the reliability of the service. I don't think that we can guarantee that NetHunt will be around for the next 25 years (though we certainly hope so), but neither can Facebook. In worst case scenario, we'll most certainly notify our client in advance and help them migrate their data. 2) As the core CRM functionality is ready, there was no point in holding off the release of NetHunt CRM. Currently, we're testing out the features that are "Coming soon" on site and you can expect them in about a month. As for the future plans: - Android version - Multi-stage email campaigns with analytics and a more convenient management (preset drafts, saved segmented audiences, etc). - Deeper integration with Google Apps. Like adding files to records while in Google Drive. Also, we're looking forward to your feedback. If a feature gets enough requests, we'll do our best to add it. Cheers, Victor
@robinsinghvi Hi Robin, Let me add to Victor's comments. To answer your first question, we're self-funded and have a decent budget reserved already for further development. Additionally, our current user base covers part of the initial investment and the number of users is growing at the expected rate. But, in any case, there's API available (currently used by the desktop and mobile versions of the product) which is fully capable to support any type of data extraction or migration. As for your second question, Victor has covered that, but I'm always open for any offline discussion. I love to demo product anytime :) so please feel free to contact me at
@iryniuk Was looking to try out but pricing on your site says $24 per user vs $25 per team of 5 as you've mentioned above. Has the pricing been increased by 5x since you launched?
If we wanted to try this out at my company, what's the data migration process like? We use Streak currently have a lot of stuff in our various pipelines.
@jeffweisbein Hi Jeff. It is as easy as a click. NetHunt CRM has importing capabilities available that support Streak as well. Please ping me at whenever it will be suitable for you and I will show how to easily do that.
I'm presently using Prosperworks which also integrates to GMail. It has two shortcomings to me - (A) It seems like I'm perpetually logging into Prosperworks even when my Gmail is open and authenticated and (B) It does not support searching of notes (!). The Prosperworks connection to my Gmail is also wonky and I can click on a sender and often the resulting CRM won't display on the right panel. Also, I find that the more I use GMail web UI "bolt-ons" the less I like them. They keep me from being able to use a third party solution like Airmail on my desktop. They also usually have very awkward mobile apps.
@wayne_schulz Hi, Wayne! Oh, I share your pain. I hate when I have to re-login in any services (that is if I understood you correctly). As for NetHunt CRM, so far the stability has been top notch. You log in once and each time you go to your inbox, NetHunt is there with your data. Regarding the search through notes. I keep hearing about this more and more often. Probably we'll have to add it sooner than I thought. You're right about the desktop email clients. I hope someone of the Hunters will soon make one that will support chrome extensions :) Oh, and the mobile app. The funny thing is that I'm not the Apple guy, but even I like how our app turned to look and work on an iPhone. I'd really like to hear an opinion on NetHunt from someone who's been heavily using Prosperworks. So, Wayne, drop me a letter, OK? :) Cheers, Victor