Built-in-Gmail CRM for sales teams and small businesses

NetHunt CRM is a sales and productivity tool inside Gmail to help you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals.
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Hey guys! Congrats on the Product Hunt launch. I am also glad to share my feedback on using NetHunt CRM. It’s something that can be used by ex-spreadsheets lovers, as the next evolution page. The functionality is great and once you get used to working with the product, you can really decrease daily routine tasks.
@lina_lugovaya Thanks so much, Lina!
Hey Product Hunters :) This is an extremely exciting launch on Product Hunt for our team as we’ve done some tremendous work over the past couple of years and can’t wait for your feedback! It is our strong believe that the CRM solution that you use should be wherever your data is — so that you don’t waste time switching back and forth between the apps and duplicating data. This version of NetHunt brings a fully functional CRM to one of the most popular email clients - Gmail. It takes off your plate most of the routine tasks, automates sales flows, and provides tools to help you focus on closing the deals and being more productive. It can be set up in minutes, includes integration with Google Contacts, Calendar, G Drive and Hangouts. Happy to answer any question you may have about the product. Give it a try — we’d love to hear your feedback!
@andrei_petrik1 Thanks for sharing Andrei! Could you tell us more about what has changed since your last launch of Nethunt here?
@abadesi Thanks for your question! So much has been changed, improved, and added that I think we should have re-launched much sooner :) There's a ton of new features introduced and below I am listing some of them. Bulk emailing - users can now send thousands of emails via their Gmail account, custom SMTP or our own NetHunt SMTP (complete with their DKIM/SPF site verification which increases deliverability rates and removes emails-per-campaign limits). This, along with open/click/reply/bounce analytics lets NetHunt users quickly send follow-up campaigns. Deeper G Suite and Google Apps integration with: - Calendar - create and link deal and other records to calendar events and see client details while checking the event in the Calendar. - Google Drive and Team Drive - upload or link existing files to records. What's cool is that NetHunt basically creates a copy of your CRM structure inside Drive so you can navigate through the Drive as if you're in the CRM. - Contacts - sync your Google Contacts with NetHunt CRM to manage them with more options and details as well as share your Contacts with your team. - Google Sheets - mirror CRM data into spreadsheets. Multiple new features aimed at better work with data: - One-click email conversion into Contacts or Deals - Records mass update - Records merge - Multiple new field types and quick actions for emails, addresses, social links, etc. - Faster search Better team management options: - Customizable permissions grip and roles - @Mentions - Shared inbox functionality - Required fields - Team activity reports NetHunt has become more friendly to new users with faster and more intuitive import/migration capabilities, various business presets, and a CRM crash-course on-boarding. Complete UI overhaul! You won't imagine how much has changed, so it's basically a new product in terms of interface and performance. Finally, we've improved NetHunt's availability. It's now available as a stand-alone web-app, so you don't need to keep your Gmail inbox open if you're only working with the CRM data. This works both on desktop and mobile. We've also added support for other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari. That's the gist of it I can instantly recall, but there's so much more (especially if you've been with NetHunt since the initial launch). Most of the new additions and improvements are based on our users' feedback, and we're excited to learn more from the community today!
Congrats guys, this is a big day for you! 2 years using NetHunt were the brightest in my sales journey. Keep going, keep growing.
@kateryna_novatska Thanks a lot for sharing, Kate! :)
I've been using several different CRM solutions and can say that nothing comes even close to NetHunt. The ease of using it, the accessibility of all the information you need, the planning of followups and the overall look and feel is incredible and I would definitely recommend anyone using Google Apps to try this for theirselves. Cant upvote NetHunt enough.
@suomik Wow, thanks so much for the feedback!
Congrats guys! I have some questions here. Do you have drip campaigns? And 20% OFF is valid only on my account, or I can pay for several other users on my team?
@nikolai_zaedenets Thank you for your questions! 1. Yep, we have drip campaigns. First, you can send bulk emails using our built-in tool, and then, based on statistics, create drip campaigns. 2. A 20% discount applies to your work-space (NetHunt account). A work-space is the place where all your team is working so that the discount is applied to everyone.