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I've just started using neatly and can't stop thinking of how many hours it's going to save me by compiling all of my KPIs in one sexy dashboard. I know it's just the start for the product and am excited about the customisations that are in the works. Google Analtyics, All my social feeds, Mailchimp, CRM, all covered = a very happy me.
Thanks @tombritton, glad neatly.io makes you happy! We have lots planned for neatly.io - including a public API and a super cool @slackhq integration, and of course more integrations to be added πŸ˜ƒ
This is some really slick stuff - bringing data from multiple sources into one easy-to-access is just super useful! @iresources, @sarahhewy and @martinwebdev can tell you more :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben and thanks to @erictwillis We built neatly as we found we were always spending time looking for data and having to login into multiple platforms and rely heavily on Spreadsheets, so Neatly is the place where you can connect your data from multiple sources, manage multiple companies and more. We use it to manage clients and also provide them access to so they can view their data and understand the metrics behind their business, built with mobile in mind so you can access all of you data, where ever you are. Here to answer any questions/queries :0)
@iresources can you tell us what separates you in this space 😊 compared to others?
@bentossell Couple of things (as we see it) , We provide an overview dashboard of each integration as well as the ability to build your own dashboards which is slightly different to most out there, also the ability to create and manage as many companies as you want, so if you are a freelancer, consultant etc and want to stay on top of your clients/businesses, neatly allows you to manage all of this under one login and a simple toggle!
Thanks @bentossell! And also thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us πŸ™Œ Happy to answer questions anyone might have. We're also always on the look out for integrations that people think we should add, so feel free to send us your suggestions!
Bravo ! Would you support Recurly ? we use that and we use another tool uniquely thanks to their Recurly support
@ludobos Thanks Ludovic, Recurly has been added to the list and we'll take a look at their API :)
Congratulations! You've done an amazing job, but it would be great to integrate Mixpanel. It's where all our KPI really are.
@kevinnatanzon thank you very much! :0) Mixpanel - added to the list and taking a look at their API now, thanks for the feedback
This looks great! How does it manage user permission levels for each integration?
@scottruona Hi Scott, each active member of your team has the ability to view your integrations dashboard and data. However, only administrators of a team may add/remove an integration.
@scottruona We are looking at custom user permissions, so you would allocate which integration/s a user could view, is this something you would find useful?
@iresources @scottruona Yes, as company grows, keeping everyone informed about actual vs plan as it relates to each dept and at the same time keep drill downs of financials on a limited view.