ML powered sleep tracker for your Apple Watch and iPhone

NapBot is Machine Learning powered sleep tracker for your Apple Watch. It learns your sleep patterns by using on-device machine learning and shows how your habits affect sleep quality. It uses CoreML to detect your sleep automatically by wearing Apple Watch.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
this is awesome, I hope it will help my sleep improve
@alberto_perez1 Me too I need this.
@alberto_perez1 @kevin_dela it should, trends will highlight all the changes in your sleep quality
Congrats on the launch, this can be very handy. Great job @mecid
this seems nice
Curious how this app is different from the popular AutoSleep app on Apple Watch. I know it incorporates ML but I think normal algorithm can do the trick. Are you using healthkit data or IMU sensor data? congrats on the launch by the way.
@ethanyfan hey, it uses HealthKit data to recognize the sleep. I’ve tried to build NapBot as simple and understandable sleep tracker.
I think I need to purchase a new 5-gen Apple Watch to use this app, my 1-gen watch will probably go to die completely after a whole night sleep tracking.
@creativewang If not a series 5, then even a series 4 should last through the night and charge back up quickly enough after you wake up and get ready in the morning (at least, it does for me) :)