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If you're like me, you buy way too much domains every year because you just had an idea for a project that you'll never have the time to make. Well, with Namebox you can list all of your unused web domains for sale :)
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I love those services. But what i never understood. Why is there no lease, rent or similar models out there. Eg i have a lot of kinda nice domains - eg startups.io, singularity.ai, mentors.io, awesome.io, etc etc (yes i am overinvested in .io domains ;) ) But i wouldnt just want to sell it for a few hundred dollars. I would love to rent it to somebody who could use it better than i can - maybe even with a crazy buy option - eg rent it for 2 years for XXX USD/year then you got a buy option for XXXX USD/once. The buy option is intentionally high. But if you actually make your thing work you wouldn't care as long as ownership is settled, if you don't make it work i get my precious (gollum voice) domain back.
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@andreasklinger yes, renting domains would be really nice!
@andreasklinger I think the reason why those models don't exist is because of a lack of faith. If instead of buying the domain from someone outright, I decided to rent it from them, and my idea really took off, there is nothing preventing them from asking me to pay up a huge amount($M) or lose access to *their* domain. But I think if there was an intermediary who took complete control of the domain and enforced the agreement on both parties, it wouldn't be that bad.
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@AsadDhamani agree. i think you can't do this without escrowing - and this escrowing could be worth good money for the page (eg 15% of the yearly sum)
@andreasklinger Our sister company YummyNames.com has leased/rented domains on occasion. It's not all that common, but I agree that in certain situations it makes a lot of sense for both the owner of the domain and the party interested in using it for a specific campaign.
@AsadDhamani @andreasklinger Include a clause for a outright purchase sum, which can be executed by the buyer. Ways to work around that and standardize. But a very rare problem. Agree, an intermediary would be great.
Hey everyone! Thanks for posting this @syswarren and thanks everyone for checking it out. Namebox is something I made a little over a year ago. Here is the story behind why and how I built it: http://drew.roon.io/building-nam... (built it in 2 nights) Right now its just for people to list their unused domains for two reasons: make them available for purchase and also to make a fun social profile around the domains you own. Right now it doesn't handle purchase transactions, that's just handled between the two parties on their own separate from Namebox. I went down many different paths to figure out how to handle domain escrow without getting destroyed by fraud (chargebacks can happen on all transaction types except for wire transfers and cash), but came up empty. However, i've been planning to, and now that Namebox is up here it's given me a kick in the pants, to add Bitcoin payments handle transactions. Bitcoin is as safe as cash as far as chargebacks are concerned. So expect to be able to buy and sell domains with bitcoin soon :) It will be extra safe since Namebox will handle the escrow, so you can be sure you'll end up with the domain (and conversely the cash). This will finally realize my ultimate goal with Namebox: to mow over Sedo and its dinosaur age software lol! For now, have fun listing your domains and building up a domain profile.
I can't believe... I was looking for something similar a couple of days ago! What are the differencies with services like sedo.com? Are they only a wall or they also manage the money transaction?
Oh man, I'm really excited for this site.