Get any email based on someone's name

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Oleg Campbell
@olegcl · Founder at Reply
@mil5om Great suggestion, Benjamin! We haven't really thought about it. But what we can do instead is to find the way to emulate (automatically on a background with JavaScript) user going mouse over via all suggested variants and picking the right one, once see the match with google, rapportive or sidekisk profile.
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Barry Hand
@barryhand · Energetic & Ambitious. I work best with
This is pretty clever for those who need to find email addresses. Looks like a mix of address permutations + rapportive. Added to my Email Discovery Tools collection >> http://www.producthunt.com/@barr...
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
@milann · Connecting people again with Wildcard 🃏
Pretty neat chrome extension built on top of Gmail. Get any email based on someone's name. I'm an avid use of Mailbox though.... but when will they ever learn? ;) Are there people that still use gmail browser? I see myself using that only for this feature haha. Great stuff!  See more
Oleg Campbell
@olegcl · Founder at Reply
@barryhand Thanks Barry! That is right. Our tool work best with rapportive. Gmail by itself already as well not that bad at matching emails to people names.
A great start! Will there be an element of machine learning involved i.e. will reduce the number of emails suggested?
Joel Azevedo
@joelazeved0 · Co-Founder & Front-End Dev, PepFeed
I feel sorry for Craig Rosenberg's Inbox today :) Cool idea for an extension. Will try it.