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Porter Haney@porterhaney · Co-founder,
This is really cool @nama team! I like the focus on prioritization and completed tasks. It appears as if you built @nama around prioritization - can you tell us a bit about if that's true and why that makes it different from other Project Management tools?
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
Thanks @porterhaney. We were intentionally more strict in how we think about prioritization in Nama: there are no P1, P2, P3, etc. buckets – in our experience people tend to do just the P1s and pick off the easy P3s, and then P2s become a bucket for stuff that gets carried over to the next cycle. So, in Nama everything is strictly prioritized from 1 to n, so everyone knows what's going on. The goal here is for the project owner to be able to look at the list and know what would be done if the release had to be shipped at the end of the day, by EOD tomorrow, or by the end of the week.
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
Through a little planning and a lot of luck, the Nama iOS app just made it into the App Store. See the link above for the other half of the Nama experience: checking your task list and responding to chats on your iPhone or iPad.
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
Thanks for the upvotes everyone! I'm here to answer your questions about Nama!
Leif Singer@lsinger · Specializing Generalist at Automattic
More like a meta comment I suppose -- Nama looks exciting and I'm currently looking for a tool that helps with roadmaps, so I'll definitely give it a try. The sheer size / scope of Nama keeps me from having any concrete questions though before having tried it out. :) Which might explain the disparity in comment count between e.g. Nama and SocialRank 2.0 right now. Simple tools obviously make it much easier to feel like I have an informed opinion after a quick trial drive, so I'm more likely to comment on it. More comprehensive tools then might have it harder to drive engagement here -- but that's just a suspicion. @rrhoover do you have any experiences / observations on that? I'm super interested in the design of social systems, so any insights or even consequences derived from such insights would be a nice read.
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
@lsinger thanks Leif – please do give it a try and let us know what you think. We read all the feedback and reply on the same day. @rrhoover if Product Hunt is sending new users over to products, maybe there's a way to continue the loop. Perhaps a simple API to allow products to recognize Product Hunt users and then send their feedback (or even just "I tried it" signal) back to Product Hunt.
Leif Singer@lsinger · Specializing Generalist at Automattic
@loh @rrhoover Ideally I simply mark more complex projects as "want to try" on PH, get an email after a day if I haven't done so yet, and can comment on the PH thread right through a PH widget in the app! With "ideally" meaning "if I remove all restraint and ignore that small steps are often better for trying new features", that is. :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Excellent thoughts and it's something that's been on my mind, @lsinger. I don't have hard data on this (and "product complexity" is subjective anyway) but generally those that are more difficult to understand immediately (due to the nature of the product itself or poor landing pages) don't get as much love or comments than simple, understandable products. @loh I would love to complete the feedback look and better understand what people truly like and use, beyond their initial impression. This would provide a ton of value for intent-based product discovery. That said, we're not focused on this aspect of Product Hunt right now and the current feed is designed to highlight what's interesting and worth checking now, not necessarily what's "best" for your specific use case or needs.
Maia Bittner@maiab · Co-founder
@lsinger Leif -- what other roadmap tools have you tried? How do they compare?
Kattya Breitenbach@kattya · Business Gal, Antenna Radio
Thanks for "Nama"nating us @_jacksmith. Please keep the comments/impressions coming. We hope that you all like Nama as much as we do @giantpixelco.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@kattya @loh thanks for the loh down guys. I knew the yammer team was super breit and would be bach w/ something super cool. (i'm done.)
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
@eriktorenberg I'm toren between upvoting your kind words and filing a berg report about all the puns!
Kattya Breitenbach@kattya · Business Gal, Antenna Radio
Whoa! You have out-punned me @eriktorenberg
Elliot LohMaker@loh · Product Designer
@kattya always outnumbered, never outpunned