Get nagged to keep your resolutions

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Hey ProductHunters! For everyone who hasn't let go of their resolutions yet, but is a bit concerned, Nagbot can help. We created him to serve as your annoying but useful inner conscience, periodically texting to ask whether you are sticking to your goals or target routines. If you text back an affirmative, he'll heap praise upon you. A negative, and you'll receive the appropriate response (however harsh you choose). Also a fun fact is that Nagbot is built fully on Track your nag performance and reach your goals in 2017!
Any plans for making it available with a UK number? I want to reach my goals ;/
@vytasbu absolutely, Nagbot needs to go global
It's the same story every single day... I read publicity info available worldwide for an app only available in that same one country, but it's for things like this that I purchased a U.S phone number. I hope I can change an account to a UK number at a later date.
@vladimirleytus @vytasbu same here, love this idea and would 100% use it here in the UK. How can we make it happen?
Was thinking about a similar bot myself. What made you arrive on the bot tone for reward/punishment? I feel like I would tire of getting "nagged" all the time.
@ggnall we basically wanted to be amused when the bot responded, so that people would look forward to receiving his messages
@vladimirleytus you share my sense of humor
@ggnall I'm glad that there are others out there, we should form a support group or something :)
For me this is what a cool product looks like. I didn't even need to see the app in action, just reading that last bot response was enough :) "I hate everything you stand for." Fantastic line! Congrats guys, really nice how you made it your own and weren't afraid of people not getting/accepting the sarcasm. I hope things work out for you.
@baboon thank you, so nice of you to say!
Funnily enough, I've been having trouble making meditating a habit. Excited to see how this helps. Traditional reminders are a little boring and I've almost trained myself to ignore them if they're not massively important. Think the conversational aspect of this is gonna do wonders! Thanks Vladimir.
@sebastian_lozano You are most welcome!