The platform for plugins and customization for the Mac touch bar

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Hey @toxblh, It looks like there's a lot of touch bar customizations out here, what makes yours better than the rest?
Hey @jacqvon, This is a touchbar customisation app. It allows you to use the whole bar space, including the space taken by strip control and Esc button (if you want to). You can also add any AppleScript just like with BetterToolTouch. My solution though is more battery-friendly and is free and open-source. It can get you a new touchbar experience, tailored to your individual taste.
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Waiting UI for settings:)


Awesome tool for touchbar


Can't can't increase touchbar's height:)

UI for settings - will very soon :) I want do it too)

This is a really great tool. It let you customise everything. And if you can script some applescript then it's even better!

The "api" documentation is a bit sparse for now however.


Fully customizable, battery friendly, with haptic feedback


Documentation is a bit sparse right now

Great job!! 😊 Would want something likes this for non touchbar Mac and Windows which do not have touchbar included , you can play around with the desktop.
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Interesting the idea, need think how do it.
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