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#3 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2015
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Ah this would be super fun if you could aggregate other social reading profiles like Instapaper, GoodReads, etc. Love the idea, hope they add more.
This is neat. I don't actually use Pocket to read, just to bookmark things, so the data for reading time isn't helpful, but it's cool to see patterns in when I save (11 am spike) and tags in the word cloud. But then, what I'd really love would be a comparison across multiple apps - like Delicious or Chrome bookmarks, maybe? Also, it's a small thing, but the time zone selector is really difficult to navigate.
Anyone get this to work? Fatal error here.
@kkdub Yes it's working. Did you tried again? Maybe Product Hunt overloaded the server :p
Internal error ;( Service isn't working
Might give this a try tonight! Huge fan of pocket! What sort of statistics can you take from it?
@thisdickie So far you can see: - Items you may have missed (you added them in the last days, but it seems you didn't read them) - Cloud about topics that you usually read - Cloud with the sites that you usually read - Tags that you usually use - Reading time vs Added article time in hours - Reading time vs Added article time in months - Accumulated Readings in years