2 weeks. 1 MVP startup. $0 costs

#3 Product of the DayJune 10, 2019
Join our challenge and get the initial version of your startup and full code ownership, saving yourself $10k in development costs. By getting shares move your idea to the shortlist and eventually win free development. See all ideas:
  • Mario Alcaraz
    Mario AlcarazCo-Founder/CEO at BeautyAdvisor

    Great concept and fantastic team!



    As a client of ProductCrafters / @oleg_kalyta, I can vouch for their credibility, strong work ethic, and attention to detail. 👍 Check out the app they built for us here:

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  • Pros: 

    Exactly what I needed. I have hired a designer to do UX for my prototype and Engineering team was next target.


    Just bit skeptical about the implementation and two weeks duration.

    Hope you guys will win the crowd among many skepticism!

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Clever idea. I was concerned about ownership, but this statement is helpful: We will choose our favourite idea from a shortlist of 10 entries then develop and launch the MVP within 2 weeks. We will sign NDA and contract to protect your ownership Would like to understand more about the risks here and ownership though... like, if my idea were to be chosen, I get to keep all assets, source code, etc?
Hi @chrismessina! Thank you for the question. We do not pretend to any ownership rights - code/assets/intellectual rights are all yours. I can't see possible risks for you. Our motivation is to create a useful app and show what we can do in just 2 weeks.
A lot of folks feel fairly protective of their idea(s), sometimes justifiably.
Submitted Interactly :-)
@danielkempe I like the idea. I was pondering a similar concept for my tutorials. It would be nice to have a pick-your-own path approach to educational content. I can also see it applying to a lot of other things like sales demos.
Yes! I’ve already done some designing. Would be a really useful app for lots of people. @hunterbecton
Hi Chris! Thank you for the question. We do not pretend to any ownership rights - code/assets/intellectual rights are all yours. I can't see possible risks for you. Our motivation is to create a useful app and show what we can do in just 2 weeks.
@oleg_kalyta whats the business model here? how do you guys get paid?
@wolfwave we do not expect to be paid for this challenge. We believe in "pay it forward" attitude. And as we have some free time before the next project want to make something useful for the community. Our global intention is to be an example for others and involve companies which can help budding startupers who deserve it.
My bet is to demonstrate to potential clients how much they can achieve in just 2 weeks. @oleg_kalyta @wolfwave
I would add some notes about what it your motivation, I'm sure that your intentions are clean but it looks a bit suspicious. Also - NDA should be signed *before* people submit their ideas. There is also a risk that the NDA won't be valid in your territory (Ukraine) due to local laws, I mean - NDA is a deed / agreement and is bound by the laws of the state it is signed in. I'm not sure it could be enforced on overseas people
@erin_ben Thank you for the comment, Erin. To win the challenge, the author has to get as many likes & shares of own idea as possible. So idea (shortly) will be published on the website with all visitors. You have to describe the project, target audience and how people solve this issue now. We are not asking to describe the unfair advantages or another secret ingredient. That's why we sign NDA and contract AFTER the winner will be chosen.
@oleg_kalyta it means that ideas submitted and not winning, are not covered... it would prevent serious people from sharing their ideas. see the comment below me.
@erin_ben There are always people afraid to share their ideas with the world. There is no way for us to make it completely confidential, as the main term of the challenge is to share the ideas with others and check whether people like it or not. All we can do - is to guarantee full security and safety from our side. That's why we are ready to sign contracts and prepare custom NDA that will be valid both in Ukraine and in the country of idea owner.
@oleg_kalyta what you could do, this is just a suggestion ok, I'm just trying to help. I'm sure you are super professional and can build (almost) any MVP within 2 weeks. I would add terms and conditions which say that all information submitted is confidential and will not be disclosed etc. I would add this before people submit their ideas and not just for the selected "winners" otherwise, there is no sense for your business process. Good luck
@erin_ben great suggestion, thank you :)
Love the idea. To be a good MVP, suggest to define upfront hypotheses that the startup needs to validate in market to understand viability. Business, customer hypotheses... Then build the MVP around these. This way, it's more than just a working prototype but actually helps to validate market viability of the idea. A worksheet like MVP Canvas can help
@vzanini thanks for suggestion. I like to use Canvas too. Also I winner do not mind using customer development interviews it would be awesome!