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Digital music without limits


MUSE is a free music streaming service that lets you stream the music that you want, without any limits!

💸Free to use. Forget your monthly 9,99$!

🌍Available worldwide, without any geoblocking.

🎧Personalize your account by saving songs or creating playlists.

🤘Listen to public playlists, made by humans for humans.

📻Radio from over 40 countries.

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"The first free streaming service". What a nonsense sentence.

You get free accessible YouTube Videos as Audio with max. 128kbit/s while those 9,99$ streaming services are offering 320kbit/s and even lossless flac. But hey, it's free.


Listining to well YouTube


There are tons of web apps making this possible

I have never seen such a nonsense comment on PH! They are obviously advertising a YouTube-based music services. Writing a bad review just because it plays YouTube videos and because it does not exceed your bitrate standards is pathetic.

So cool!!!!


Free steaming



Product Manager, IxD-Industrial Designer

Another piece of self-serving bollocks.

The rest is threaded down.

Nice one PH. That how you really value our time? You keep pushing me away publishing crap like this.


I guess this is what you get when the Hunter is the Maker and PH is sleeping..


Oh boy, where do we start..

2҉0҉ | European🇩🇪 | 👨🏼‍💻Muse
Thank You so much for your constructive criticism! Why are there still people like that hanging out on PH? People who have nothing better to do than express incomprehensible criticism in terms of pages they do not understand or deal with. I understand anyone who critically deals with ProductHunt projects and also expresses constructive criticism of MUSE or other projects. But comments like this I can not understand. Anyway, I wish you all a lot of fun while listening to music. And hopefully you enjoy MUSE as much as we do! 🎧 😍