Digital music without limits

MUSE is a free music streaming service that lets you stream the music that you want, without any limits!

💸Free to use. Forget your monthly 9,99$!

🌍Available worldwide, without any geoblocking.

🎧Personalize your account by saving songs or creating playlists.

🤘Listen to public playlists, made by humans for humans.

📻Radio from over 40 countries.

  • Pros: 

    Listining to well YouTube


    There are tons of web apps making this possible

    "The first free streaming service". What a nonsense sentence.

    You get free accessible YouTube Videos as Audio with max. 128kbit/s while those 9,99$ streaming services are offering 320kbit/s and even lossless flac. But hey, it's free.

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  • Lyondhur Picciarelli
    Lyondhur PicciarelliT&R Project Manager at Weta Digital

    I guess this is what you get when the Hunter is the Maker and PH is sleeping..


    Oh boy, where do we start..

    Another piece of self-serving bollocks.

    The rest is threaded down.

    Nice one PH. That how you really value our time? You keep pushing me away publishing crap like this.

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Interesting, it's pulling youtube videos as the music source I presume?
@aaronoleary Exactly! That way we have the possibility to keep the service free while offering a large amount of music and music videos.
@aaronoleary That's what the FAQ says. But what is the difference then to ?
@aaronoleary @ysamjo MUSE is rather an way better alternative than YouTube Music. We simply offer way more features, such as our simple UI, the Top 50, human made public playlists and radio stations. Many more features and idea are currently being worked on.
@aaronoleary @perplexet Why is my music on your services if they are not on YT ? You also using Spotify artist data .
@george_m_bloch In order to answer your question probably, we have to get a little more precise on how MUSE works. Our algorithm connects requests with various APIs such as the ones from YouTube or Spotify. If your music is either on YouTube or Spotify, you will also be listed in the MUSE catalog. But, that does not mean that your songs are actually available on MUSE (your are just being listed). If none of your songs are available on YouTube, then they can not be played on MUSE either. I hope that that'll answer your question.
🎉We are excited to finally introduce you guys to MUSE! 🎉 MUSE is our answer to the overloaded world of music streaming in the year 2018. While being free MUSE offers up to 35 million songs, as well as tens of thousands of music videos for everyone free to enjoy. While offering handy features such as creating own playlists, saving music to own library and browsing through the latest tracks, we also provide more unique features such as humanmade playlists which are getting updated daily or the possibility to stream international radio stations, even with our own MUSE Radio included. With already thousand of users loving MUSE, we would be glad to welcome you on board our music rocket! And we are only just getting started! 🚀 @impekovenlukas and I are looking forward to any of your questions!
So Cool! Hopefully you will grow and be successful. Great product! ❤
Can I stream Muse using Muse?
@daviswbaer Mind blown🤯 (but of course you can).
Looks awesome! Congrats on the launch. Any plans on introducing something like monthly plans or will it stay free?
@kahllux Thank you! At the moment we do not have concrete plans on monetization.
@kahllux You want to pay for YouTube videos? Well that is pathetic! :D