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Combine movies on iTunes, Amazon & Google Play in one place


Movies Anywhere is a digital locker for all of your movie purchases.

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  • Josue Roberto
    Josue RobertoTurning minds forward



    Can't download the app in Mexico

    I have purchased lots of movies in iTunes, when I heard about Movies Anywhere I got excited cuz I have an Android Phone, so I have purchased movies in Google Store too and this could be the solution I was waiting for. However, I'm residing in Mexico City right now and can't download the app due to country restrictions.

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    Need many improvements.

    Sorry but this has nothing, there is no contact us or support or feedback option.

    2- There is no way to see just in one click all the price and video quality comparison of the movies listed by different services in just single click view. All one has to do is go and check individual sites.

    3- Many service run discounted movies promotion which you can't see. So what this website is for basically. Nothing just simple google can get you all the comparison no need to have account here. Saving movies is good option but almost all provide this now a days. Basic features are missing there is no intelligent way to find movie either like Top 100 IMBD or top last year etc, Top IMBD movies free or available on the selective services etc. Hopefully they will add these features otherwise no great use as such.

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  • Jamie Trigg
    Jamie TriggSole Proprietor

    It tells me where to watch my movies without paying for them a second time.


    I wish it searched just released / upcoming movies, so I could add them to my Wishlist and watch them once they're released on video.

    Other than the one Con I came up with, it's a good app.

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