Movies Anywhere

Combine movies on iTunes, Amazon & Google Play in one place

Movies Anywhere is a digital locker for all of your movie purchases.

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Sven van der Zee
Founder PlayStudio apps
A bit disappointing that it is built by large corporations. I love to see great apps built by small companies. Nevertheless the app looks fine and it has an Android version:)
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Joshua Pinter
Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
No Netflix? Nothing's worse than paying for a movie on iTunes and finding out it's available on Netflix already.
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Brian Lee
code monkey @ theymadethat
@joshuapinter unless it’s a Netflix original, movies don’t stay on Netflix forever.
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Josue RobertoTurning minds forward

I have purchased lots of movies in iTunes, when I heard about Movies Anywhere I got excited cuz I have an Android Phone, so I have purchased movies in Google Store too and this could be the solution I was waiting for. However, I'm residing in Mexico City right now and can't download the app due to country restrictions.




Can't download the app in Mexico

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A move in the right direction, but there are movies I have on some of the participating platforms that aren't showing up, thus making it kind of useless to have MOST of your movies from only SOME of the platforms you can buy movies from.
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Jordan Krueger
Organizer, activist, community builder.
@hagnerd Same here. A BR/DVD/Digital movie I purchased and redeemed digital version for on iTunes isn't showing up when I go to my movies on Google, but it is when I go to Vudu. So either they haven't worked out all the kinks or there will still be some restrictions.
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Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
The length of the warning about information sharing when creating an account is extremely daunting: I saw that and thought, "Actually, I don't think I want to use this service."
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Zach Dubos
Building robots @ FTC
@magnuson how much data can they take with this stuff tho? I can’t imagine it’s that much
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