Moto Hint

Super tiny, revolutionary bluetooth headset

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
But does it come with a Scarlett Johansson robot voice? I'm excited to try it out but I also don't want to be that weirdo, talking to myself. It's going to take a while for this behavior to be socially accepted, especially outside a place like SF.
ash bhoopathy
ash bhoopathy@ashbhoopathy · partner, lab
@rrhoover Really? Interesting, I'm surprised to hear you say that :-) You think THIS is out of the ordinary? As compared to Google glass, I think this has 10x more potential for adoption and usability... But maybe that's just me...
ash bhoopathy
ash bhoopathy@ashbhoopathy · partner, lab
Very rarely do I say this.... But I want this. In fact I'm surprised to see that the Moto360 got so many more upvotes than this. I don't need one more thing to look at.
Elliot Loh
Elliot Loh@loh · Product Designer
Great to see minimalist design again – weird that product designers stopped focusing on super-tiny headsets in the late 2000s, but I'm glad they're coming back. I appreciate the stylish materials this time around, but I'm sort of absurdist and would like one to be shaped like a tiny ear. #inception
Josh Kerr
Josh Kerr@joshkerr · EIR at Capital Factory
This is the gadget that I'm most excited about. More than the iPhone 6 plus or the Apple watch. After seeing the movie Her - which I think does a great job of predicting what the future looks like - I've wanted an earphone like this. The fact that I can customize its look means that it better represents me and therefore would be something I'd be happy to leave in my ear in public. This is what other bluetooth headset manufacturers failed to understand about their generic plastic and often bulky designs. This is the future.