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@rrhoover used this while ordering my Apple Watch just to push me over the line
@rrhoover I am officially ready to crush it. Thanks Shia!
What a perfect way to start your day if you are in sales or just want a little motivation each day. Steli and I do a podcast together and I can attest to his motivation abilities. He gets me off my butt too!
I love steli's energy - it's like as if cocaine and redbull had a child - lololo
I'm sick of having to give my email to view content. It annoys me.
@thesamparr You don't. You can view all videos here without signing up: https://www.youtube.com/user/clo... Most people sign up for this because they want to get the 1 min motivational video in their inbox first thing in the morning and the feedback so far has been that people LOVE IT! Good luck with your awesome blog/conferences!
@steli @thesamparr Thanks. The videos are good content, but I don't LOVE how it's being delivered. I like it, but don't love it. I think it's on the border of awesome and too market-y. This content is for marketers and sales people, so people who are already pretty slick and smart. And since you're one of them (which isn't bad), I'm going to prejudge you and your site as trying to sell me something or even worse, pull a fast one. Again, if done properly this is good stuff, but I come to the site expecting you to ask for my email and that kinda typical sales stuff, which doesn't exactly delight me. Just some friendly feedback.
@thesamparr appreciate it & will keep it in mind!
These are some great videos. Steli is perfect to get your motivation going.