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David Nelson
David NelsonMaker@davidjnels · Bots @ HubSpot, previously Motion AI
Integrating with was a no-brainer for Motion AI. Our platform processes millions of messages to and from bots on a wide variety of mediums — and now, integrating with allows our users to reach even more customers on platforms such as Line, WeChat, Telegram and others. The recent addition of OAuth support to Smooch’s API made the integration itself a breeze, and allowed for a very cohesive integration between our services.
@davidjnels Hi David, i can´t find any specific documentation about integration with Smooch
Mike Gozzo
Mike GozzoMaker@gozmike · Co-Founder & CTO at
We’re so happy to see that Motion AI brought Smooch to their bot building platform. With this new partnership, bot building becomes so easy that almost anyone can do it using Motion AI’s simple flow-chart based user interface. You can even send rich structured messages like quick replies and purchase buttons. Best of all, you can take advantage of all of Smooch’s rich business system integrations (Slack, Zendesk, Front, Help Scout and soon Salesforce!) so that you can keep humans in the loop, without leaving your favourite software. Can’t wait to see what y’all build!
Blair Hudson
Blair Hudson@blairhudson · Data Scientist
@gozmike can you share a little more about Smooch and Motion AI, and why bot building is better together? what can the platforms achieve together that wasn't possible before?
Kevin Gauthier
Kevin GauthierMaker@kvgauthier · Co-Founder & Head of Design @
@blairhudson @gozmike Motion AI lets you easily create bots with a visual flow and brings all of your channels — Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, live chat, in-app, SMS, email and other platforms — into your existing business services for a unified workflow. By using them together, you can create and deploy bots on any messaging channel, while also keeping the communication open for humans in the loop using your existing software.
Michael Sparks
Michael Sparks@mikespax · Founded @Stickerlight
Been using Smooch for customer support for a while with tons of success. Also have been looking for an easy to implement bot to handle some basic customer support that doesn't require any coding at all. I pondered Meya, but ran when I saw code. This looks like just the ticket! Integrating it with Smooch right now and going to give it a whirl.
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
NICE. Installed it, then my @slack team cyberbullied me for installing a bot that looks like a but - but I stood strong - keepin' this ish in there. @smoochlabs @motiondota @gozmike @thebestkao @davidjnels @andrewshen @jpjoyal
Nice. Looks no-brainer from the on-set.