Moonshot Insights 2.0

Decrease your turnover by hiring for culture and values fit

Moonshot Insights quantifies your company culture to identify the future performance, tenure, culture fit, values alignment, and growth potential of your job applicants. Decrease your turnover and build company culture by hiring for culture and values fit.
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Looks interesting. I'm working on startup ideas and haven't gotten one to take off enough to require hiring yet, but vetting people as potential partners has been incredibly difficult and I am starting to see why recruiting and tools like this are such a big industry. It's a real hard problem, so I'm excited to see where you guys take this, especially the culture fit/values alignment idea.
@idontremember Hi Kevin! Thanks for the comment! We'd love for you to use our tool for vetting possible partners and can discuss a custom plan for you, as you seem to be solo.
Hey PH! ๐Ÿ‘‹ We couldn't be more excited to share our 2.0 release with the community! Our team has been working tirelessly to improve the product and design a better experience for our customers. Our main focus with 2.0 has been quantifying company culture to better understand the future success of job applicants within specific work environments. To quantify your company culture, you and four of your colleagues can complete our four-minute culture quiz. You can then invite your job applicants to complete a short evaluation to quickly identify their future performance, tenure, culture fit, values alignment, and growth potential within your company culture. We are a team of data scientists with backgrounds in psychology and brain-machine interface research. Our team believes that more companies should be able to hire with Google-like rigor and quality. However, many of us can't afford to hire teams of data scientists and industrial/organizational psychologists, build psychometric evaluations, and create training data. We are building Moonshot Insights to serve as your team of psychologists and data scientists for your company's HR/people ops. Please feel free to post any feedback or questions here or email me directly at I would love to chat with you and hear your thoughts!
Having been on both ends of the hiring process in the past, I wish we'd had something like Moonshot to help assess our applicants rather than us doing several rounds of interviews and "gut checks" to field candidates. Especially at a small startup, it's super critical that you hire the right people in the beginning to lay the best foundation for your team. The choice as to who to hire early on can mean the success or failure of your company.