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Moonshot Insights is your hiring technology that constantly learns and improves as you scale. Know which candidates will be your highest performers, stay at your company, enhance your culture and exhibit high growth potential.

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Hi PH! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm one of the cofounders at Moonshot Insights. We are a team of Univ. of Wisconsin grads who previously founded Moonshot Learning (HS curriculum on emerging tech now in over 130 schools across the US). One thing we learned quickly as founders is that our team and early hires will decide the fate of our company. We built Moonshot Insights for founders hitting their company's expansion stage. The hiring process was scary for us. Our fears were confirmed as we found education, experience, interviews and our gut (the hiring data we were using) are horribly correlative to employment outcomes. We have set out to a create a far more intelligent hiring process for founders. We generate the most predictive data (personality, general cognitive ability, behavioral tendencies, etc.) from your candidates to predict their job performance, culture fit, growth potential and longevity/tenure at your company. All of this predictive hiring data and feedback on internal employees/culture helps us learn and constantly improve as you scale. The first hire you make is free so you can try it out! We would love to hear all of your feedback and thoughts ๐Ÿ™
@kyle_treige Hey Kyle, interesting proposition. As you mention education, experience, interviews aren't necessarily the best indicators of successful hiring outcomes. What precisely makes psychometrics better? Could you delve more into the science behind psychometrics that makes you confident enough that it's much better than other standard means that a company should risk modifying their hiring process?
@wayoverdunne1 Thanks, Drew! Awesome question. We come from a research background so the following is ultimately what informs the product. Decades of Industrial Psychology literature and studies have proven the most predictive factors of on-the-job-success to be general cognitive ability and personality (predominantly conscientiousness) with a set of others that contribute as well. Meta analyses prove these factors to be many multiples more predictive than traditional data such as education, experience (experience is more predictive in earlier stages of one's career) and specifically unstructured interviews. Outcomes vary based on the study but education and experience have been found to have 1% and 1.1% predictive ability as compared to the combination of cognitive ability and personality at 50% and increasingly more with the complexity of the role. The introduction of machine learning is extremely interesting in the context of psychometrics with proven predictive data. We also have the opportunity to embed real-time feedback and train models based on company specific data. I hope this is a good start (there's quite a lot of depth as I'm sure you can appreciate). I'm more than happy to talk further!
@kyle_treige @wayoverdunne1 Hey Drew! I operate as the Chief Product Officer at Moonshot Insights, with a background centered around psychology and neuroscience. Psychometrics is simply the measurement or quantification of psychological and neurological processes, such as personality and general cognitive ability. These two are the underlying determinants of many external expressors. For example, in an interview you might ask the candidate how they have handled an angry customer in the past, to help inform you of how they might act in different situations in the future. However, how they handled that angry customer might only give insight into how they might handle a similar angry customer in the future and nothing more. Personality and General Cognitive Ability are the underlying mechanisms behind exactly how they handled that situation in the past. And by being able to measure these two, using psychometrics, it allows one to see how they might not only handle a similar situation in the future, but also other very different situations. Thanks for the question!
@kyle_treige How are you doing outbound sales now ? I suggest : a) Target companies who have recently raised funding. They are going to expand, hire more people so it makes sense to reach out to them immediately. b) Target companies who are aggressively hiring. Since they are already hiring, it makes more sense to reach out to them and pitch them about your product.
Great product with excellent candidate insights.
@joe_mckee Thank you, Joe! I would be more than happy to dive in further with you and your team. Please let me know if you have any points of feedback or methods that could drive greater value!

Great company and great people behind it. The coolest part is that itโ€™s free to try and I prefer to be hired by an employer that looks for who I am and where my growth potential will be.


Great insights about candidates! Iโ€™ve done an evaluation myself and it was 95% accurate when it came to describing my personality.


None. Excited to see more insights over time!

Love these guys.
@max_alexander_goldberg Thanks, Max! I can't wait to catch up now that you're back in town.
The CIO showed me some of the great features of Moonshot. Very useful tool!
@nick_farago Thank you so much, Nick! We would love to work with you and your team to maximize the value.