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#5 Product of the DayMay 31, 2017
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Hey everyone! With 3.0 we’ve realized our original idea, to manage all tasks in one place. is now an outliner, todo list, email client, and calendar, so you can prioritize everything together in one consistent interface. We started because we were frustrated by having our tasks all over the place: organized in a todo list app, being thrust upon us in an email, written quickly in TextEdit, scheduled on a calendar, or in Google Docs to collaborate. We started with version 1.0 by building a collaborative task manager that’s both an outliner and Kanban board. Then in 2.0 we added Google Calendar and Drive sync and built in a Gmail client. And now in 3.0, has a built-in calendar with agenda/day/week/month views, Mac and Windows apps, and a fresh new design. Thanks Bram for hunting us!
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@jmeistrich congrats and i hope to see the mac app and ios version :)
@menjxo The Mac app is at and the iOS version is in the App Store :)
@jmeistrich Jay, Amazing product! Looking forward to testing!
@jmeistrich Very impressive … and I'm hard to please when it comes to email clients! I have a few (small) quibbles, but having fired it up this morning, and working with it during the day, I find it's quite compatible with the way I work.
Congratulations on the v3 launch! I've been using to buy a house, organize product for a startup, and manage my day to day tasks. The flexibility that workspaces give me to hop between tasks, combined with the multi-pane workflow in each workspace, have let me replace several other task managers and calendaring tools. Can't wait to see what comes next.
Looks awesome! Would love 365 support so I can use it for work!
I have heard great things about, but that todo list and so many panes (I get it, you can move stuff around) look and feel so crammed up :S
@wirddin That can certainly be a problem with a lot of panes. The Workspaces feature helps with that, so you can dedicate individual workspaces to different workflows, and focus on one thing at a time.
Is there a specific reason why the calendar is not a feature with the free version? I know personally that is an awesome feature of your product, but also is a big part that is blocking me from adoption of using this/testing out the product.
@brdick A lot of the app was already free so we had to draw a Premium line somewhere. The Agenda is free, Gmail integration is free, and all of the task management features are free. We're happy to extend your trial if you'd like more time to test it out - just send us an email.