Moo.do 3.0

Your email, tasks & calendar all in one beautiful interface

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Jay Meistrich
@jmeistrich · Co-Founder, Moo.do
Hey everyone! With Moo.do 3.0 we’ve realized our original idea, to manage all tasks in one place. Moo.do is now an outliner, todo list, email client, and calendar, so you can prioritize everything together in one consistent interface. We started Moo.do because we were frustrated by having our tasks all over the place: organized in a todo list app, being… See more
@heliostatic · UX Research @ Expa
Congratulations on the v3 launch! I've been using Moo.do to buy a house, organize product for a startup, and manage my day to day tasks. The flexibility that workspaces give me to hop between tasks, combined with the multi-pane workflow in each workspace, have let me replace several other task managers and calendaring tools. Can't wait to see what comes … See more
@tvventythree · Instructional Developer
Looks awesome! Would love 365 support so I can use it for work!
I have heard great things about Moo.do, but that todo list and so many panes (I get it, you can move stuff around) look and feel so crammed up :S
Bryan Dickens
@brdick · PM, Microsoft
Is there a specific reason why the calendar is not a feature with the free version? I know personally that is an awesome feature of your product, but also is a big part that is blocking me from adoption of using this/testing out the product.