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MonoLisa is a monospaced typeface specifically designed for coders. It features distinct shapes of glyphs and carefully balanced white space of each character to minimize ambiguity and mistakes. The font includes over hundred coding ligatures and support for powerline terminals out of the box.
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👋, hunters! We are Marcus Sterz, Andrey Okonetchnikov, and Juho Vepsäläinen from Vienna. Marcus is a font designer and Andrey & Juho are professional web developers. Last year, three of us were sharing the same working space. This is where Marcus saw me and Juho programming and he got curious about the fonts we use so we talked briefly about it. Roughly two months later, Marcus came back to us with a first draft of the font called "MonoLisa". After testing it for a few weeks, we loved it so much, that we proposed to collaborate on it to make it even better. Today, after a year of combined effort we're happy to launch MonoLisa and hope that you're going enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!
I've been using this font for months, and while the slightly wider nature of this font took a little getting used to at first, it eventually grew on me and I saw how well this font works with my daily workflow. A great, quality font and I highly recommend it!
I switched to MonoLisa after trying out several different fonts in my terminal and in my IDE. I love how readable it is! MonoLisa is wide (much wider than my previous fonts, including JetBrains Mono and Inconsolata), has distinct characters, and gives the option of ligatures that aren’t too fancy. The team behind it has taken feedback well, and every single improvement has been a genuine delight to use. I’m really happy with this font and am so glad to see it finally launching!
I've only been using this for the past week or two in spacemacs (coming from Source Code Pro), and I've really enjoyed it. Given how much time I spend looking at code, even small improvements can provide a meaningful boost - suffice to say, I've become a convert!
I really like the font. Especially it doesn't look too condensed or tall also doesn't feel like mechanical or robotic. However I wish there's a way to test it out in my real dev setup before purchasing for good.
@changhun_lee I think we'll implement you a way to add system fonts at the playground so it's a little easier to compare. Would that help?
@bebraw It's better than nothing I guess but how it looks and feels in the browser can be very different from your own setup (various IDEs, Terminals, OSs). Maybe you can make a free version with limited functionalites (something like regular only, no italic, limited special characters and ligature support). Another way could be offering 100% money back guarantee in 2 weeks or something.