Simple website monitoring service (sms/email alerts)

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Been using this for a few days, I love the simplicity of it. Sort of like http://www.downforeveryoneorjust... but with alerts that make it very useful. It'll be awesome when they add more sophisticated alerts telling me what's wrong with the site. Also, the tweet alerts are cool :)
@benln Thanks for your kind words Ben, much appreciated!
Seems like a nice service. I currently use Pingdom for that and would happily try your solution. What about having alerts also for when a connection fails from, let's say, Asia or Europe? It's always nice to know if people from a particular region can't reach our site/platform (we had an issue a couple weeks ago from Asia). Also, what's with the "reverse R" in your logo? :)
+1. It'd be awesome to see an IFTTT channel for this!
@tejasmanohar IFTTT is definitely on our feature list. thanks for the suggestion.
Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and answer any questions you may have about Monitority. Love to get your feedback, wishlist etc. Monitority is a free, reliable and simple website monitoring service built for the community of start-up companies and website owners.
Does it tell you what location the server is down at? i.e. would be cool if it gave you detail trace routing from nodes that were down, save you some time trying to figure stuff out.. I would pay for a detailed report maybe like $5 a month ..
@acondurache Andrew - we attempt to connect to your server from several locations worldwide. We don't consider it down, unless all locations fail to get a response or get an HTTP error. We don't want to bother you with a "Down notification" unless it is really your server that's down. As for more detailed reports - our dev team is hard at work on that. Stay tuned :) Btw, keep the $5. We're always free :)