Open source cross platform MongoDB management

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Hello Product Hunters! My name is Tim and I started Mongotron. I began working on the product as a result of being frustrated with what is currently available for Mongo DB management tools. I found Electron and thought I could use my web-dev skills to start an open-source project to fill that need. If you have any comments or suggestions about the product I would love to hear them!
@new_user_d6d961a9be Hi Tim, Mongotron inspired us to build a neat new Web-based interface for Mongodb called Mongoku, on ProductHunt here:
@timothyofficer - tell us the story here :)
This is a beautiful product! I wish this existed around this time last year when I was recovering a "lost" mongodb. What're your plans for the future of this project?
thanks @sajclarke ! right now we are working towards a v1 release of Mongotron, which mostly means fixing bugs and getting it polished and ready. After that is continuing to implement some of the basic db management things like managing indexes and users, etc...
and thank you to @akshay2014 for hunting my product :)
Where is different between your solution and Robomongo, MongoChef and MongoDB Compass?
@striletskyy MongoDB Compass is more of a database and schema exploration tool. You can get a snap shot of your collections that shows the datatypes used to get a sense of what the schema is. Mongotron is very similar to Robomongo and MongoChef in that they are all Mongo database management tools. I started this project out of frustration with the quality of these other tools. Mongotron aims to be a community driven tool and is built on web technologies, so hopefully more developers will comfortable with the platform and tech stack, and more likely to contribute. Also, unlike MongoChef, Mongotron is completely free and will always be free.