A neat Web-based GUI for MongoDB

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MongoDB client for the web. Query your data directly from your browser. You can host it locally, or anywhere else, for you and your team.
It scales with your data (at Hugging Face we use it on a 1TB+ cluster) and is blazing fast for all operations.
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Francois Lecroart
Francois Lecroart@peernohell · Founder of Talkus
What an impressive project! I can't wait to test it ❤️ Thanks all Makers for doing such a nice tool 🤗
Travis Fischer
Travis Fischer@fisch0920 · Founder & CTO of Fin
Name and icon are 🔥
Shijith K U
Shijith K U@skuonline · Dev Team Lead
Just went through the screenshot. Good work guys. 👍👍 Will test it and let you know the feedback.
Hristiyan Dodov
Hristiyan Dodov@dodooov · Full-Stack Developer at Oblik Studio
Vincent Déniel
Vincent Déniel@vincentdnl · Developer and 🛠 maker
It would be cool if we could use it inside a docker container!
Julien Chaumond
Julien ChaumondMakerHiring@julien_c · CTO at Hugging Face
@vincentdnl Good idea, feel free to contribute a Dockerfile!