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#1 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2018

We love to shoot video and we’ve always wanted gear that makes our phones as good as our big cameras. Today we have that...introducing the Moment Filmmaker Collection. An Anamorphic Lens, iPhoneX Battery Photo Case, Universal Counterweight, and Lens Filters.

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  • Alex Q
    Alex QSenior Art Director

    The best aftermarket lenses. Universal mounting solution.


    Their most popular products seem to be on backorder frequently. I had to wait a month to get my lenses, but they're worth it.

    I was very interested in Moment several years ago back when I had an Android, but at the time they only supported iOS. I was also hesitant to use their v1 mounting solution, but their supremely great v2 twist-to-lock mounting solution seems fairly future-proof and just requires a new case for each new phone. Their universal gimbal counterweight is elegant; I currently use a hunk of InstaMorph on my Zhiyun Smooth-Q to get the balance right with the lens. and can't wait to change to this. I have every confidence they'll ship quality products!

    Alex Q has used this product for one month.
  • Dina Santina
    Dina SantinaDigital Audience Management

    I can’t rave enough about Moment & their lenses. They are by far the best product on the market & an amazing team. Go with moment #noregret


    I don’t have any at the moment. Just too happy with it. The benefit just outway cons.

    if you are debating on Lenses I strongly suggest you consider how what are your usual subject. I personally found that the Wide lens is my go-to lens. I take it everywhere I go! While the tele and macro lens I don’t use as often.

    I love the battery case, but it can be heavy, definitely pair it with a wristlet or the neck strap.

    Ps used the product for more than a month but less than a year l

    Dina Santina has used this product for one month.
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Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin@randfish · Wizard of Moz
I'm not even a mobile filmmaker, but this video had me hooked. Amazing job Marc and co. I think you're solving exactly the right problem at the perfect time.
Marc Barros
Marc BarrosMakerHiring@marcbarros · Co-founder Moment
@randfish thanks!
Marc Barros
Marc BarrosMakerHiring@marcbarros · Co-founder Moment
hey everyone, we're really excited to launch our next set of gear...our Filmmaker Collection. happy to answer questions about making / producing this gear, making hardware, or building hardware startups. @moment started five years ago on kickstarter, building this one product at a time.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller@jmilr · UX & brand consultant.
Welp, that's the best pitch video I've ever seen…
Marc Barros
Marc BarrosMakerHiring@marcbarros · Co-founder Moment
@jmilr ha, thanks. we were a bit nervous going against the kickstarter video script of a sub 4 minute video. we're definitely relieved it worked out.
Geva Telem
Geva Telem@geva_t · Marketing @Ripples, Blogging @Geekstyle
You have to own one to understand how much of a game changer moment lenses are in the mobile photography world. Lucky enough I own 2 and the 3rd is coming soon.
David A. Lindahl
David A. Lindahl@austriker27 · web dev | into design & startups
Moments products make magic. You seriously can't go wrong with anything they produce. I spent the better part of my afternoon today watching all the videos featuring this new lens and it looks incredible for the mobile creative. I do a ton of mobile photography and often forget my car keys at home more than my moment wide angle.
Marc Barros
Marc BarrosMakerHiring@marcbarros · Co-founder Moment
@austriker27 thank you, thank you, thank you!