A mindfulness and meditation app developed by psychologists

Moment is a mindfulness meditation app developed by psychologists and educators to train your mind! Moment provides much-needed space in your life. Meditate with Moment for just 5 mins a day to relieve stress, relax, improve focus, sleep better and breathe.
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Please be sure to ask all your questions below and we'll be sure to get back to them. Feel free to download the app and try out some meditations yourself. I will really appreciate some feedback!👇
@atakancelebisoy what about copyrights of the media content in the app? Do you buy content/rights? How do you deal with this question? Thank you and congratulations!
@v_ignatyev All of the meditations are written and recorded by our internal team and co-founders. For the sleep music, we get the copyright of the content from the artists.
What makes this meditation app unique?
@metaforager All of our meditations are recorded in theta healing frequency. That's what makes us unique.
I downloaded this app and really enjoyed some of the functional meditations - curious to see how this will help me in the long run.
Great idea! Looking forward to hearing more.
@rickmossley Thank you so much for your good wishes!