Moltin Self Checkout

App-less Self Checkout to rival Amazon Go

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Give your customers a hassle free shopping experience. Our In-store Self Checkout solution allows consumers to skip the lines and kiosks by turning their smartphone into a POS. All without needing to download an app.
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Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
Hey 👋 The Moltin Self Checkout has been exclusive to a few BETA testers over the last year but today we're super excited to share that this is available to everyone. The Self Checkout is great for transforming in-store experiences and delivering hassle-free checkout at events and popup stores. This product is backed by Moltin, a headless eCommerce API. 🚀 I've shown this product at least a dozen events over the last year and the reactions are great! The fact there is no app to download, no waiting in line or dealing with cash are huge benefits! Brands and retailers taking advantage of this app can also benefit from 90% + email capture, no POS infrastructure to manage and most importantly this takes weeks to launch, not months! We're super happy to hear any questions you have 😍
Ollie Barker™
Ollie Barker™Maker@olliebrkr · Designer
Hey all 👋 I worked on the design of the Moltin Self Checkout, happy to answer any design questions you may have 😊
Thiago Sardim
Thiago Sardim@thiago_sardim · Human
Looks good, are any stores using your technology yet?
Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
@thiago_sardim Hey, yeah as the video shows above, Self Checkout is now in all Stance stores. We're also working with Deckers Brands on some events popup stores 🙂
Genius.. love things that reinvent the wheel like this. Didn't realize that the checkout process in stores needed change until now! Best of luck!
Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
@hihilart Thanks! It blows me away this level of functionality is available, all without the need of an App! 🚀