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Derek Steer@dereksteer · CEO @ Mode
Thanks @drewdil & @mijuhan! We're really excited to see Mode being used extensively by PMs. For folks just learning about Mode, product people often use Mode to explore complex product usage questions that require flexibility and context that only direct database queries can provide. As mentioned above, we make it easy to visualize and share your answers to those tough questions.
drew dillonHunterHiring@drewdil · VP of Product & Engineering, AnyPerk
Mode lets me share product metrics across the company so every employee can make the best decisions possible. I saw that capability transform Yammer, now see it transforming AnyPerk and think every company should have it (unless they compete with AnyPerk).
Mode made it easy to get analytics up and running very fast. I was happy to have a tool to easily scale analyst work. Analysts were happy to use it and have a query repo.
Itamar Rogel@itamarro · Co-Founder, Newsfusion
We've used Mode for a while (stopped because of a changing need, not because of Mode). Sweet product and responsive team - I'm sure we'll use it again in the future.