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#4 Product of the DayJuly 15, 2019
Modash is the easiest way for marketers to find instagram influencers and twitch streamers.
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Heyo product hunt! 👋 Firstly, all the thanks in the world to @bramk for hunting us. My first ever upvote on Producthunt was of his mega cool startup stash. Really grateful for the hunt! We started Modash Influencer Search h out of a love for social media creators. For me personally, they were my portal to the rest of the world as a kid living in the middle of nowhere in Canada (I hadn’t met a “developer” until I was 19). 😅 So we built Modash with the long term vision of helping creators get rewarded for their work. After a lot of scrambling, we just released our influencer discovery tool which is free to try! You can find influencers on Instagram and Twitch anywhere in the world based on your target audience. Just input your target location, age, interests, etc and get matched with creators who speak to that audience. We also show how many robot 🤖 followers they have, and give you more insights about who is following them. We have first hand experience that Influencer marketing can bring HUGE value to companies of all shapes and sizes. Now, it’s a lot easier to get it right! TL;DR: We love creators, want to help them get paid. Built Modash for Marketers, bringing transparency to the industry. With Modash, Marketers can find influencers who are suitable to promote their thing. Thank you a million times for the feedback and support ahead of time. 🥰 Alongside Modash or personal questions, consider this an influencer marketing AMA! 🎉 Got questions? Hit me! 👇
@bramk @avery_schrader Looks great, can't wait to try it out!
Great product and great team! Influencer marketing is definitely something expected to grow even more over the upcoming years! Excited to see where it goes.
@oliver_sild Thank's Oliver. I was really excited to see you here and I think more Estonian based companies should launch on PH, so was happy to see yours:) I really appreciate it these kind words!
Congrats on the launch @avery_schrader! The tool looks really great and easy to use. Feature suggestion: I was working at a social media agency for the past 5 years and every time a client was looking for an influencer, we had to send them a summary with the key metrics of the suggested influencers. Creating a presentation or summary sheet with this information wasn't the most creative part of the job :) To make this process much faster, that would be really great if it would be possible to create some kind of export from the influencers I saved to a list.
@feriforgacs Hey Ferenc! This is so close to being done, we hopped to have it live for today but not quite wrapped up. I'm going to whip up a Medium article and publish it under here. I'll include a sneak peak into what's coming next :) Thank you so much for this feedback, I've been super inspired by your recent adventures as a full time maker! Thank you a million times :) Question: When you export from lists, in what kind-of format would you like to send this to the client? Just a list of @handles, pretty PDFs, what might work? :)
@avery_schrader in our case, we had to create "fancy" excels or ppts using the agency's templates, and as far as I know, this is the case for other agencies as well. So a plain excel or ppt is more than enough as everyone can use those to create their own "branded" version of it.
@feriforgacs Gotcha yeah. For the first edition we went with these kindof PDFs which are easy to break apart and send to clients. Excited to get these out!
@feriforgacs We launched the Beta version of PDF reports, not downloadable yet, but viewable in the sidebar :)
awesome product! congratulations :) , do you scrape the info or use the instagram official api ? cause the official api seems pretty limited
@sourab_reddy It's pretty much completely shut down. All of the data has been crawled, the unique part comes from historical data that most folks don't have access to. Anything particularly exciting for you to see there? :)
@avery_schrader I've always been interested in crawling huge websites for interesting data :) I am not aware of the TOS instagram has in place but considering that FB does not like anybody crawling, is it legal to crawl instagram ? also you guys use headless selenium to crawl influencers ?
@sourab_reddy Yeah, to be honest I am quite sure noone likes when their site is crawled, some people try harder than others. We work with some people smarter than us to stay within the regulations here in the EU (probably the toughest in the world on data privacy I guess). It's not about the crawling necessarily, but what the data is you pull, what you do with it and how you store it, in my limited understanding. 👀
Hi @avery_schrader This seems like a nice product from all the comments that I have read. I am facing the same issue of not getting email for verification. Also a question - isn't scraping data from instagram prohibited by those guys?
@pratik_khedikar Hey Pratik! So sorry to hear that :/ Seems the big bump from PH might have hurt our emails. We are fixing ASAP! The legalities around scraping data are great for protecting people's personal data (at least here in the EU). But our method of retrieving, storing and handling the data is safe and sound.