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Anything to replace Balsamiq......!
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@nassaraf MockFlow offers a free basic edition for unlimited time period, Give it a try and would love to know your feedback
Hi Eric, Thanks for hunting our new major version of MockFlow WireframePro. We're excited to introduce MockFlow 2.0, re-designed and re-coded from scratch for HTML5: itโ€™s now more faster and includes new features (like integrated Sitemap view, Component libraries, Template Store, HTML export and many more! ). With this new editor, designers will find it super-easy to mockup concepts for any user interface.
Awesome! Just the type of tool I was needing for my Wireframing requirements. The pricing plans are also set very perfectly.
It seems like a valid alternative to Balsamiq. I will definitely try it out!
I tried it, lol this is superb!
@marclgonzales Glad you like it! Appreciate for your feedback :-)