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Can't believe it took this long to get this out, but it's a beautifully designed, simple app that helps make sense of complex data sets. Great job, Mixpanel team!
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@zolihonig Glad you like it!
@zolihonig So low long for Android?
@nihar_bhupalam & Mixpanel team - congrats on the launch! Can you tell us some of the big struggles you had in getting this live? Website metrics can be very complex and a lot of information to sift through so I imagine it can be quite a challenge to get the balance right on a mobile app. What are some key things you cannot do on the app vs web that you are looking to implement in the near future?
@bentossell @nihar_bhupalam Our biggest hurdle was underestimating how much time it takes to make a high quality app these days. This is Mixpanel's first app so we had to learn a lot obvious things that our own customers already know. The process was illuminating since we learned a lot about what our own customers go through from debating objective-c vs swift all the way to accidentally uploading the wrong binary to the App Store and having to wait longer for release which was painful. Now we get to use Mixpanel to grow it! As far as striking the right balance and what's possible on mobile vs web, here's how we think about it: You use the website to dig deep and do very sophisticated analysis and you use the app to keep yourself up to date on the high level metrics you care about after you've dug deep. It's just like how you wouldn't write a 10-page essay on your phone but you may write a quick paragraph to someone via email. Each device has its own use case and your phone is the most accessible dashboard in the world.
@suhail @bentossell @nihar_bhupalam That is a great analogy. I always think of mobile be good for consuming content but desktops for actually getting work done.
1 word: awesome !!!
@aswiniarski two words: thank you!
Looking forward to its android version!
@azevedomarti We are working on it. It'll be out in a few months.
@suhail @azevedomarti Did you ever consider using something like Appcelerator where you could have a single codebase for both Droid and iOS?
@markschenkel1 @azevedomarti I am not sure I fully believe in the long-term future of building native apps that way.
Super awesome app! I've been waiting for this for a long time! Can't believe that it's finally out! The app is blazing fast and elegant! I love it!