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Engage your users right within your app.

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Hello everyone. This is Balaji, Mobihelp's Product Manager. I'll be more than happy to take any questions about Mobihelp here. You can also shoot me an email ( with any questions or feedback that you might have. Thanks!
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@objective_b congrats on finally launching your mobile support offering! We're really excited about this space at and are so happy to see support become a part of more and more apps. I think that we're all just scratching the surface of what's possible here and that support on mobile shouldn't just replicate patterns that are tried and true on the web. Can't wait to see what comes next!
Support and engage your customers, right from within your app,by integrating with the Mobihelp SDK for iOS and Android devices.Talk to users, get bug reports and crashes with context (like OS version, breadcrumbs, etc) without having them to type it for you. If people are beta testing apps and trying to find a product market fit ,it takes a few lines of code to integrate and you can start talking to users right away. Also checkout Helpshift and Konotor hunted earlier.