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@trefn Oh nice! Thanks :)
Love Mixpanel. We use it mostly for the people features. A simple messaging schedule with has made a very good impact on feedback from our users and our App Store ratings. Their retention reports are pretty good, but would be better for me if there wasn't cut-off at 12 columns (12 weeks or 12 days, depending on time settings). Having retention charts where I show all cohorts, but highlight a selection, would be awesome too. The CSV export allows me to do that manually now. I'm only a bit set off by the pricing. I don't have a good understanding of the cost structure on their end, but the top tiers feels overpriced for a scaling early stage startup. We don't do much crazy stuff with events, but comparing our monthly Mixpanel subscription to our total AWS bill almost makes me turn off event tracking completely.
We're fans of Mixpanel @ Do. Wish it did even more but there's no perfect analytics system it seems.
We use Mixpanel for MicroChurn (microchurn.jssolutionsdev.com/?ref=producthunt), MicroChurn predicts who are going to cancel the subscription of Saas; based on machine learning.