Mixmax Live for Mac

Real-time analytics for all your email

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Olof Mathé
@olofster · Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@datarade hehe on timing :) we're adding a switcher, for now log out and then in to another account via the dropdown under your profile pic!


Olof Mathé
@olofster · Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Since Dropbox just buried Mailbox, we decided to launch a native desktop experience for Mixmax, the ultimate productivity suite for professionals. :) Mixmax “Live” for Mac shows you a feed of every action someone takes on your communications, letting you follow up in real time, all in one place. It’s slim, unobtrusive, and is the perfect companion to Gmail… See more
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Mixmax keeps killin' it... so it's exciting to see their first native app! It's not really an email client — it's more like a companion to whatever native [G]mail apps you might use... it shows who's reading the emails you sent, and letting you track what's going on with the messages you send via Mixmax. Handy.
Emmanuel A. Simon
@uelsimon · Co-Founder, Grsp
I love Mixmax..but i don't use Chrome...so this mac app...Soooo Welcomed.
Frank Denbow
Wow, you guys are really shipping. I actually wasn't sure how useful this would be but trying it out its pretty helpful to have a quick glance at what hasn't been opened, and helps me cut down on the push notifications for reads which can get distracting. Great work!
Katherine Krug
@katherinekrug · Founder, BetterBack
MixMax is the #1 thing I refer my friends to! #Fangirl