Mixmax 2.0

Email tools to help you sell, succeed, and hire easier.

Mixmax 2.0 has a new, blazing-fast email editor with slash command access to all the apps you use daily. It also has full compatibility with any other Chrome extensions (👋 Grammarly and Loom fans). And much more.

  • Chris Marin
    Chris MarinFounder at Convertist

    It sometimes works. Robust API.


    Customer success team takes repeat attempts to get in contact with, routinely taking >24 hours to correspond. :/

    For teams just getting started it might be a decent option. Would definitely test on a smaller scale for a while before rolling it out to teams of over 10 SDR's or AE's.

    Chris Marin has used this product for one year.
  • Samantha August ★★
    Samantha August ★★President, LAUNCH

    The enhancements take our team members' outreach to the next level. Especially the "Share Availability" and embeddable media components.



    I've implemented it with every sales team I've managed, and recommend it to any founder I come across. I've been a fan since the beginning and will continue to support. Such a fantastic product!

    Samantha August ★★ has used this product for one year.
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Olof Mathé
Olof MathéMakerHiring@olofster · Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
👋 Hunters - Olof from Mixmax here. We’re _thrilled_ to announce Mixmax 2.0 to the world. At Mixmax, we make tools to help you sell, succeed and hire easier. As makers, we found that existing sales tools were hard to set up and clunky to use, and that we all deserved better experiences. This brand new version of Mixmax (2.0!) has a new, blazing-fast email editor, slash commands for the apps you use daily, and full compatibility with any other Chrome extensions (e.g., Grammarly). There are 👟👔 Slack and CRM integrations 🚀🤑 Team sequences for sales, success and recruiting 📈📊 Insights and analytics on all your customer interactions 📞📣 Built-in dialer you’d actually want to use ⚡️💌 LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration - including the ability to send InMail directly from your inbox. Basically everything you need to turn you, as a maker, into a closer (of prospects, customers, or candidates). 😻 Excited to hear what you think!
Robby Allen
Robby Allen@_robbyallen · SF Native
Perfect solution for any team that spends time in gmail, CRM, and LinkedIn during the day. And the grammarly fix is huge!!
Hiten Shah
Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Mixmax is now even better. It integrated with a bunch of CRM tools, work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and is fully compatible with other Chrome Extensions. They've made it a no-brainer to use Mixmax if you're doing sales.
Derek Neuland
Derek Neuland@derekneuland · Business Development - Lead Generation
If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to Outreach, Mixmax is it!
Michael Monaghan
Michael Monaghan@michael_monaghan
I'm a huge fan of mixmax. I've been using it for more than a year now, and their ability to ship impactful features is incredible. It gets better every month. If you're stuck in Gmail, Linkedin, and your CRM, mixmax would be a fantastic solution for you. I also have to mention that it's one of the best gmail integrations I've ever seen. Polished, performant, and almost perfect.