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Matthieu Thieblin@mthieblin · opus
I love the simplicity !! Bye bye Spotify/Deezer... but the description (on PH) does not reflect why this product is awesome. Maybe I would have write "easiest way to listent to music and make playlists"...?
Pierre de MillyMaker@pierredemilly
Hi everyone, I've been working hard on this in my spare time these last few months. Very proud to see it on PH :) Please report share bug and/or suggestions, I'm all ears!
Julien Deveaux@juliendeveaux · Digital Product Designer & Entrepreneur
Oh cool! I noticed you used one of the icons I shared on the Noun Project :). Glad to see this little guy in a real product.
Pierre de MillyMaker@pierredemilly
@juliendeveaux oh man, I'm so sorry. it started as a very small project so I just used it for lack of anything better and now I've grown very fond of him :)
Julien Deveaux@juliendeveaux · Digital Product Designer & Entrepreneur
@pierredemilly You don't have to be sorry :). I'm happy to see this sleepyhead at work :D.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is great. Super simple and platform agnostic (I love Spotify playlists but not everyone has spotify). Here's a playlist of a few of the artists at Coachella this year. I just got back from an amazing weekend. Porter Robinson blew my mind.
Pierre de MillyMaker@pierredemilly
@rrhoover Thanks for the playlist, now I can compensate for not being there :)
Ryan Gilbert@ryangilbert · workspaced.com
I love the simplicity of this! What are the suggestions based off? Similar artists? EDIT: One thing I'd LOVE is to be able to sign in to save playlists to easily find/use again later
Pierre de MillyMaker@pierredemilly
@_ryangilbert we're working on it! I tried to focus on ease and speed of use at first to have a good basis to build upon. tracks are streamed from Soundcloud/Youtube and suggestions queried from Youtube only it would probably be better with some deep-learning stuff but for now it gets the job done