Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Craft, create, and explore. Now on iPhone & Android. πŸ› 

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhooverΒ Β· Founder, Product Hunt
I have a confession to make: I've never played Minecraft. I'm also avoiding Super Mario Run. ...at least until I'm back home for the holidays. 😬
Fraser Smith
@frassmithΒ Β· Software Developer, Shanghai, China
We thought the last update was a big one, but this is huge. So, now MCPE covers Android, iOS, Apple TV, Windows 10. How long before we get a MacOS version to complete the set? More telling, how long before the old java version starts to fade away?
Rahul Kapoor
@iamrahulkapoorΒ Β· Developer by heart but gentle by mind.
I have heard it costs $19.99. Isn't that too much?
Tyler Hayes
@thetylerhayesΒ Β· Blab
What do you mean productivity-killer?
@steveraffnerΒ Β· Innovation Agent, my friends call me "Q"
Bought it - lost 2 hours trying to find out how to play together with my daughter - dropped it... Microsoft and Xbox family setup is harder to manage than learning Objective C