Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Craft, create, and explore. Now on iPhone & Android. 🛠

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I have a confession to make: I've never played Minecraft. I'm also avoiding Super Mario Run. ...at least until I'm back home for the holidays. 😬
@rrhoover got into it from my kids, but am a big fan -- recommended ;)
@rrhoover Minecraft is great, but I recommend not to play it mobile, it's much better on desktop
@fabian_rauch iPad is pretty decent lately if you haven’t tried it in a while.
We thought the last update was a big one, but this is huge. So, now MCPE covers Android, iOS, Apple TV, Windows 10. How long before we get a MacOS version to complete the set? More telling, how long before the old java version starts to fade away?
@frassmith Minecraft is supported on macOS
@frassmith IIRC you can already play Minecraft even without java. I'm able to play on my MacBook without it just fine. (Unless I misunderstood your question and you're actually saying that the old java version should go away completely.)
@safaiyeh Yes, the original java version is supported, but Minecraft PE, the version under discussion here is not, yet. Maybe things have changed, but as far as I know, I can't be running the java version of Minecraft and join a world running on my iPad (or vice versa). The two versions are incompatible.
@onelargetea The original desktop version of Minecraft is still java. It just comes with java bundled inside the package so it doesn't require you to install java separately. It's definitely an improvement, but it still doesn't interact with Minecraft PE. My point was, that the more popular Minecraft Pocket Edition is now available on so many platforms, it may be only a matter of time before it makes the old java version redundant. I suspect that Microsoft would be quite happy with that result, :-)
@frassmith Ah, yes that's correct. I personally find myself content right now with just not having to install java throughout my entire computer (and possibly compromising it in the process) only for the sake of playing one game, but if it wounds up disappearing completely that's also fine with me. In fact, that'll actually be the best result going forward. Thank you for reminding me about java being bundled inside the game. I'd forgotten about that specific part.
I have heard it costs $19.99. Isn't that too much?
@rahulkapoor90 For anyone who isn't heavily invested in the game, it probably is. The pricing, other than to cover development costs, might be due to the low user base of this platform. The people that will want to play this game on a shiny box will easily fork out the $20. It'll certainly be interesting to see how good this version will fare since games in general on the Apple TV aren't doing too well.
What do you mean productivity-killer?
Bought it - lost 2 hours trying to find out how to play together with my daughter - dropped it... Microsoft and Xbox family setup is harder to manage than learning Objective C
@steveraffner You don't actually need to use a Microsoft Live account. I have one, but never log in on MCPE. As long as the devices are on the same WiFi network, you should be able to see them in the friends tab. We've had android, iOS and Win10 Edition (running in a virtual machine on a Mac) all playing in the same shared world on an iPad. I think the only time you need to use MS account is if you want to play with players not on your network.