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Hey there! Thanks so much for sharing! I created Mindful because I was getting frustrated with constantly forgetting small things I care about or needing to be done. The problem with notes and reminders is that you have to remember to look at them. Mindful is different. It lives in every new tab. I applied three guiding design principles during this project: 1). It works where you work Instead of opening a notes or reminders app, Mindful is already there. In every new tab. 2). Repetitive exposure Having your thoughts and ideas in every new tab reduces the friction to edit them, while at the same time making you conscious about them. 3). Deliberate Limitation Mindful is one single document. It forces you to organize your thoughts. It’s user interface is designed to make the user flow during the writing experience. Mindful is designed to be efficient and delightful. Something I learned through observation is that people never start a new paragraph with a SPACE key. That’s where Mindful’s flow-menu comes into play. Mindful syncs with your Google Account. It’s still young and beta. Please be mindful about that. :)
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@azumbrunnen_ Seems like you have caught the pain of many users and solved it brilliantly! I've set up the extension immediately - that is what I was looking for, regularly dealing with great loads of data. I'll be happy to share experience after some time of using if you're interested. And what really deserves additional mention is design, minimalist, clear and concise, as it should be for such a product, and that typography is my personal fav. Wish you great luck!
@azumbrunnen_ This is incredible useful. Thanks.
@azumbrunnen_ This is incredibly useful. Thanks
@azumbrunnen_ I love this > "Something I learned through observation is that people never start a new paragraph with a SPACE key. That’s where Mindful’s flow-menu comes into play."
@azumbrunnen_ This is great! I imagine it could be useful to include a connection to Google Calendar and todo list apps (such as Todoist!) to show your upcoming calendar event and one high priority task. I imagine this would just function as a mindful reminder of what is coming up next.
This is so cool! This one replaced my Momentum Tab. I was looking for a "Save to/as" button so that instead of clearing the space out, I can save previous stuff as a Note on Evernote or Google Drive or maybe even a txt file.
@wirddin nice! I like the idea. thanks for your feedback!
Hi ! Just wondering what are the differences with Papier ? Looks like the features and the visual design are quite similar. Thanks ! ✌️
Hey! Thanks for your question @vcent_ricard! I noticed Papier about a week ago. Mindful’s editor was developed from the ground up to maximize writing flow while at the same time providing a responsive user interface. Here are some notable differences: 1.) Writing flow On a new line, you can hit SPACE to trigger the flow-menu; a way to create content in a super quick and delightful way. 2.) A contextual UI The three dots follow you everywhere. It adapts to your selection and the type of content you’re creating. Selecting text brings up contextually relevant options. Every component has its own individual set of options. Notice how H1 and H2 do NOT have italic as an option. Those are deliberate design constraints. You can click on the Dots to select the whole element and get all of its available options. I.e. you can toggle the state of all your checkboxes, change parts of your text, delete or move a larger junk of content, format a whole part of your text as a blockquote etc. This is all aimed to reduce the amount of options while at the same time making them more relevant. 3.) Privacy / Task aware Sometimes you might not want your client or team colleagues to see your notes while you’re sharing your screen. Or you might decide not to see your notes for some time, because you’re immersed in a specific task. Mindful allows you to toggle the visibility of your notes. 4.) Minimal UI Mindful’s user interface only shows up when you need it. As soon as you start typing, the user interface becomes invisible. As soon as you move the mouse, indicating a changing context, Mindful reacts and provides quick access to contextually relevant options. 5). Indentable lists, checkboxes etc. All lists can be indented and checkboxes have a smart, integrated logic. 6). Typography In a space where text is the main interface, the difference in typography, the way titles and lists etc. are set, makes a huge difference. Both in terms of writing and reading experience. 7.) Syncs across your account I use several devices. Mindful syncs your content across all your devices. You edit a tab on one device, and open it on another. Your content is already there. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I like Papier’s approach but I’d obviously be excited to see you give Mindful a shot! :)
I had to get rid of the Product Hunt tab. I loved it, but it was extremely distracting. Great timing on your part, thank you!
@azumbrunnen_ This is incredible! Beautiful work.