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What do people think of TabExtend?

The community submitted 57 reviews to tell us what they like about TabExtend, what TabExtend can do better, and more.
What do you think about TabExtend?
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57 Reviews
Ruhani Rabin
Technology and Product Evangelist
12 reviews
I upvoted this extension a while back but didn't get a chance to review it until now. tabExtend has been my daily browser for almost two years. While I've tried tabOS by Gustav, I still prefer the simplicity and clean design of tabExtend, which works seamlessly on all my Chrome browsers except for Sidekick and Opera, which don't support the new tab feature. Now, I also use tabExtend links as Kanban boards. I mean, why not? Thank you for the fantastic toolkit that I could not find a way to replace this (yes, it is a compliment in the highest regard) Go ahead, take a look -

Forrówelt Germany
Forró makes happy!
6 reviews
Review of tabExtend
TabExtend is a Tab-manager on steroids. It helps me in organizing all the research tabs for my dissertation thesis as well as reminding me on tasks and notes. This combination is incredibly useful and quite unique. I love it a lot and can really recommend it!

Valeriia Dziubenko
Email Deliverability Expert
18 reviews
I definitely like this concept! Having this "disease" of holding opened 50+ tabs in 2 Chrome windows because all of them are extra crucial, such an organizer will greatly ease my PC's life. :D

Chew Mei Ling
SEO Practitioner
2 reviews
I have been using tabExtend for a year plus, on my personal and work laptop and this is one tool that I use daily and totally can't live without! I can easily save all my tabs and continue where I left off easily. I have different workspaces to keep everything super organized. All my commonly accessed sites are organized by groups - so it is easy to find anything fast. I also use it to 'transfer' short notes between the laptops. Absolute gem 💎!

Founder of …
1 review
This tool has become an invaluable part of my workflow, helping me stay focused and efficient throughout the day. Excellent tool for someone like me in organizing my browsing activities. With its seamless tab grouping and management features, I am able to neatly organize and switch between different tasks, projects, and research topics. Thanks!

Sunthara Segar
I do local social media marketing.
3 reviews
I give 4 out of 5 mainly it does not work with firefox customized browser and it could not replace my current workflow. I work with several tabs most of the time but they are manageable using tab management and kanban chrome extensions with VIVALDI browser which contains several inbuilt tools like tab stacking etc. I could not find a separate group option or a workaround for notes in tabextend2. My notes are mostly wide sided and have a couple of paragraphs. VIVALDI notes is more intuitive and is built in browser. I am trying out tabextend mainly for workflows like: 1. Different social media and email profiles. 2. read later tabs 3. Tabs that have to be left as it is as they will be used for 1-2 months down the road. I still don't get whats the meaning of 30 saves in free version. Not explained clearly by developer for non technical users.

Alex Kachalov
CTO & Co-founder @ UniOne
14 reviews
Wow, tabExtend 2.0 sounds like a game-changer for browser workflows! I love the idea of turning my new tab into a Kanban board - it's such an intelligent way to stay organized and focused while browsing. I have a couple of questions about the product. Firstly, can you provide examples of how tabExtend can help improve productivity? I'm curious how it can streamline my workflow and make my browsing experience more efficient. Secondly, you mentioned native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. That's fantastic! Are there any specific features or functionalities in the mobile apps that are unique and unavailable in the desktop version? Have you considered integrating tabExtend with other popular productivity tools or browser extensions? It would be great to integrate seamlessly with tools like Trello or Asana to consolidate all my tasks and projects in one place. Thanks for creating such a promising product! I am looking forward to trying it out and boosting my productivity.

Mark Leeds
Host of The Rehab Podcast
4 reviews
You must get TabExtend. I cannot live without it. It is an entire world of notes, links, and reminders at your fingertips in your browser with every new tab. It will help you to succeed in life by helping you to get the important things done and keep track of where everything is.

Alexandra Brown
Founder and CEO Ethical Invest Group
1 review
Congrats Gustav and team! I love tabExtend, it's made my browser a dream. No more 50 tabs open at once, and I can easily find the links I need as everything is nicely organised. This has totally up-levelled my productivity - thanks!

Jen Gordon
Founder & storyteller.
1 review
I use this extension DAILY - such a timesaver switching from client to client, project to project. I love how Gustav keeps improving the UI/functionality and keeps us posted on progress. Used the mobile version the other day and was really happy with the experience!