Mia for Gmail

Gmail desktop client for your Mac without a browser

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This looks really slick! Are keyboard shortcuts supported?
@terrygseo not for the moment, you can only use the alt / shift / ctrl key to change the action button (delete/spam/archive). please feel free to share your thoughts about it :)
It is hard to believe that a desktop client is old school nowadays:-(
Will Mia work with Chrome extensions? I didn't see anything on the website about that. As a developer of Chrome Gmail extensions, I'm an advocate for users remaining on the browser to access email. Browser extensions add SO much functionality to Gmail, and I've never seen this functionality duplicated in a desktop client.
@parttimesnob Mia is still linked with your browser. You can configure it to open your emails in a browser, or let Mia displays your emails natively. But there is still the inbox link if you need. Of course, we didn't rewrite all of the browsers advanced features... :)
Really cool. Does this support email aliases?
@ricburton It currently checks all what appears in your default inbox folder. it supports gmail for work as well.