An app to help you play classical music

METRONAUT is a revolutionary app that will empower you to play any instrument – including your voice – as if you had a real orchestra in your living room to accompany you.

Metronaut is based on a revolutionary and proprietary AI algorithm that listens to you in real-time and adapts content as you play/sing.

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@aaronoleary Thanks for hunting Metronaut. We are super happy to be on PH today! Co-founders of Antescofo, the Music/AI company behind Metronaut here. Hoping to catch some quality feedbacks on what we are doing. We are on a mission to solve daily problems that musicians encounter in everyday practice. Over 50 million people practice an instrument in US alone. Practicing is tough, and not much accompanied by joy. Thanks to our unique AI technology, we attempt to make this enjoyable for musicians. Metronaut allow users to play or sing with high-quality orchestras and accompaniments, but not just like a "Karaoke" App. The App listens to you and adapt content in real-time without altering quality. We are leveraging high-tech in every step of a musician's practice: Music scores are digital and you can interact with, you can change the speed to any rate, you can transpose pieces to your instrument (and we'll help you do that), we provide high quality recordings of your session that you can edit, we help you achieve practice goals and provide dashboards... And most importantly, thanks to our 160k+ users we improve the App every week! Looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask us anything! Thank you @romaindillet for the nice article on our funding our on TechCrunch:

Their iOS version is just awesome. The Android version is good, but still lacks some of the bells and whistles.


The synchronized partitions, the number of singing partitions


More features on Android

Thanks Pierre for the Review! :) The Android version of Metronaut is way behind the iOS version! That's why we are hiring: ;)
Not just for instrumentists, I use it for singing opera pieces, or Lieder :-)
This is essentially having an orchestra in your pocket! pretty cool!
Subscription based.