Messenger Customer Chat

Facebook's newest product for online businesses 🗣️


In response to mounting pressure from @Snap on the charts and @Twitter’s unprecedented move of increasing the character limit, Facebook has pivoted into the enterprise. Developing story.

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Co-founder @Gorgiasio

We're the back-end provider of the beta companies that are testing customer chat. As such, we're comparing the difference between Shopify merchants that you use it vs those that don't.

Will keep sharing insights here over time on the difference between a typically live chat and Messenger Customer Chat.


Creates a communication line with customers AFTER they leave your website, can be combined with Shopify


Visitors need a Messenger account. You can't display custom messaging based on the url (yet)

We are the website in the demo BODEAZ.COM props to Gorgias for their great support. Messenger Team has also been great to work with
Founder // Supply
Super interesting (in a good way) to hear you guys are behind the back-end of this. Really excited to see how this evolves. Been eying Gorgias for a while and this may be the forcing function to make the switch.
Prez, Bridges to Italy

I really enjoy using Messanger, but I think having to be an FB user is a limitation in terms of business use. I wouldn't want my customers and potential customers, to be unable to reach me if they don't have FB.


From a business point of view, it allows you to better identify your customers through their FB profiles


It is unclear if a customer who doesn't have FB can still communicate with the business. If not, that is a problem.

Founder, Search Indie , Ticketly

I dont trust Fb much of privacy case, so mostly wont use it or recommend it...

I am happy with my Drift


You can connect to your customer directly through Fb


Wonder Privacy of customer is on a big stake here , if the person is a shopping freak his inbox will be full of messages from Business Fb

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